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Vanilla Ice Net Worth – Crossing The Stereos With Million Dollars

Vanilla Ice Biography

With a unique stage name, Vanilla Ice, since his teens, has been in the audience’s sight for music, acting, rapping, and much more. The multitalented white boy capturing mainstream success has come a long way with his diverse personality. With 90s success to the present era, Vanilla Ice Net Worth has been in millions since then—moreover, his record-breaking songs, albums, and T.V. appearances have stunned the audience. To know how he did it, you have to slide down!

Total Net Worth$10 Million
Real Name Robert Mathew Van Winkle
Born OnOctober 31, 1967
Birth placeDallas, Texas
Profession Rapper, Actor, Music producer
Height6 Ft. 2”
Annual Salary$800,000
Updated: ✅

Early Life

Robert Mathew Van Winkle was born in Dallas, Texas, on October 31, 1967. His mother divorced his father when Winkle was four. However, his mother re-married a car salesman. Throughout his childhood, his family moved between Dallas and Miami for his stepfather’s work. While he was entering his teen, the hip-hop world was in the groove. At 13, Winkle was passionate about it and learned to breakdance with loads of practice. Eventually, he got into hip-hop challenges in the very early time of his learning.

When he was in a group of peers, he was the only white guy who knew breakdance. For this reason, he was named ‘Vanilla Ice’. Initially, he did not like the nickname, but fortunately, the unique name stuck with him. With time he participated in rap battles in different parties under the by-name‘ MC Vanilla’.

Early Career

Additionally, when Winkle was in Texas, he created a breakdance group, ‘The Vanilla Ice Posse’, from where his career began. Additionally, he performed at the South Dallas Club in collaboration with many D.J.s. Moreover, he slid ‘Ice Ice Baby’ when he was just 16. In 1985, he graduated from high school and started participating in off-road motorbike racing. Luckily, he won three of its championships and wanted to pursue that sports career. Unfortunately, he broke his ankle and was no longer interested in it.

When Winkle was struggling, he initiated his beatboxing career. Moreover, he also started street performances for breakdance in malls. Once he went to a nightclub called ‘City Lights’ and fulfilled a dare for an open mic night there. At that time, he aced the crowd and signed a contract in 1987 to be a regular performer there. While working at city lights, he was an opener for Paula Abdul, 2 Live Crew, N.W.A., and others. In early 1987, he got into fights at the nightclub as well. He was hospitalized for a week or two but made a comeback. He was a part of the ‘Stop The Violence Tour’ and opened for Sir mix-a-lot, Ice-T, and others.

Vanilla Ice Profession

After the ‘Stop the violence tour’, the manager admired the guy and collaborated with him on a demo tape for ice. In 1989, a D.J. at a Georgia radio station played ‘Ice Ice Baby’ accidentally, and the audience went nuts over the beat. Eventually, this track became a huge hit, and Ice sold 15 Million copies for it. Ice made $16,400,00 from the album. As he was now a famous being among the audience, he inked a contract with S.B.K. records for the remix creation of ‘Hooked’.

Winkle later 1990 released a debut album, ‘To The Extreme’, which topped the charts for 16 weeks and became the fastest-selling hip-hop album. The following year, he released his first live album ‘Extremely Live’ which peaked at number 30 on the 200 Billboard.

Vanilla Ice Albums

Furthermore, Winkle released five more albums. Some are ‘Mind Blowin’, ‘Hard to swallow’, ‘Bi-Polar’, ‘Platinum Underground’ and ‘W.T.F.’.Moreover, in 2008, he recorded a cover song album ‘Vanilla Ice Is Back’. He also contributed to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret Of The Ooze’s soundtrack ‘Ninja Rap’.Eventually, in 1991, he made $1 Million for his lead role in the ‘Cool As Ice’ movie. This film grossed $638,000 and ranked number 14 across the U.S.A.

In 1992, Ice travelled worldwide and performed all over South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Moreover, he also premiered ‘Get Loose’, ‘Now And Forever’,’ Iceman Party’ and others. While within two years, another bombastic music album ‘Mind Blowin’, was released. Due to some negative reviews from the generation, Ice quit music and wanted to pursue his passions of motocross and jet skiing again in 1995. He also got a sponsor deal from Kawasaki at that time.


In 1996, he signed a contract with Universal Republic Records. After a good break, Ice returned to the music industry with the album ‘Hard To Swallow’ in 1998. This album amalgamated hip-hop and rock genres with darker lyrics. Ice again built his audience but was bashed by general media with negative reviews. In 2001, Ice collaborated with DJ ReAnimator and released ‘Ice Ice Baby 2001’.

Similarly, in 2005, Vanilla ice released his fifth album ‘Platinum Underground’. In 2008, he signed a contract with Cleopatra Record and recorded a cover album featuring the songs like ‘House of pain’, ‘Public enemy’ and others.

Reality Tv 

With a solid music career, Ice gained the spotlight in reality Television. In 2002, Vanilla ice made an appearance in ‘Celebrity Boxing’. While in 2003, he performed in five episodes of ‘Hollywood squares. He appeared in the ‘Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge’ the same year. A significant breakthrough for Ice’s T.V. career was ‘The Surreal Life: Fame Games‘. After this show, he was also approached for several other shows of the exact nature.

Ice is also into theatre, which makes him a multitalented individual. He acted in peter pan as a replacement for Henry Winkler. Moreover, he also appeared in ‘That’s My Boy’, ‘The Ridiculous Six‘. In 2010, he performed at the National Television Awards with Jeward. The following year, ice appeared in season 6 of ‘Dancing on Ice’. He also starred in the show ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’, which probably has nine seasons running with more expected. Moreover, he also wrote a book on ‘Real estate guide’.

Eventually, in 2016 he appeared in ‘Dancing with the stars’ season 23 and stood in 10th place. Additionally, 2017 was the year when he was featured regularly in the ‘I love nineties’ tour’. Being the 90s icon, he is the headlining tour act and is getting an undisclosed amount.


Vanilla ice is an influential artist in the industry. With all his wealth, he sensibly invested in multiple real estate properties across the U.S.A. In 2018, Ice put his Florida house on sale for $4.8 million. Moreover, his Miami beach house is estimated to be $15 Million. Other real estate ventures are unwrapped for privacy, but his property business also thrives. Additionally, he has a collection of Cadillacs, including Rolls Royce and Mustang.

Vanilla Ice Net Worth

After capturing tremendous success in his generation, Vanilla ice net worth is $12 Million. He achieved all this through his three-decade-long career and successfully established businesspeople. However, people wonder how he still is a wealthy man as he disappeared from public sight for years. He grasps an annual income of around $800,000.With his 90s mainstream success, he still earns $400,000 yearly for his ‘Ice Ice Baby song’ royalty.

Moreover, Vanilla ice also performs at concerts and festivals, costing $200 almost for a single person. Additionally, he serves and takes bookings for private and public events for $25,000 per event. With many things and accomplishments, Vanilla Ice proves that ‘Working hard in silence’ will always bear fruit.

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