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Tom Segura Net Worth – The Hysterical Expedition Of A Comic Mortal

The richest sarcastic American Comedian, Tom Segura, is a popular individual among the audience. With a dark and empirical sense of humor, Segura has built much wealth alongside multiple other ventures. His profession is to make every gloomy human laugh at their worst. However, the best part is he is earning a handsome amount of money from his career alongside his beloved wife, Christina Pazsitzky.

Read below to know how the funny human has entered the list of the wealthiest celebrities in the industry!

Tom Segura Biography

Net Worth$12 Million
Real NameThomas Segura Jr.
Born OnApril 16, 1979
Place Of BirthCincinnati ,Ohio
ProfessionStand Up Comedian
Height 6 Ft.
Annual Salary $2 Million

Early Life

Thomas Segura Jr. is a Cincinnati, Ohio, born on April 16, 1979. He was brought up with a mixed heritage. Segura’s mother is a Peruvian American, and his father belongs to multiple cultures, including Spanish, Cajun, and French-Canadian. Moreover, Tom was a brilliant student at Saint Edward high school. 

However, he met with an unfortunate drug overdose incident when he was in his teens. While growing up, Segura migrated to many parts of the United States. Some of them are Florida, Vero Beach, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis. As soon as he graduated from high school in the 1900s, he attended Lenior-Rhyne University in North Carolina.

Initially, Segura began to focus on his standup comedy life career. Alongside this, he worked at multiple small jobs for his financial support. However, he has an innate ability for insult and dark comedy. After attending many events, he started participating in bigger standup comedy shows. In the early 2000s, he received high appreciation for his standup comedy skits. 

Following up, Segura appeared in multiple reality and talk shows. In addition, after a long struggle of years, Segura finally entered the gateway of massive talk shows. After his excellent performance, he got noticed and was awarded television time on shows like Live at Gotham, Conan, and Comedy Central. Moreover, he also made appearances in Netflix standup comedy shows and series alongside.


Segura initiated his standup comedy career after graduating from the university. Additionally, he also worked at day jobs as an intern and did logging, TV shows, etc. As he started getting popular, he got a chance to perform at major comedy shows and events.

Undoubtedly, 2009 was the flipping year for Segura as he started getting opportunities in the television series. Moreover, he got the opportunity to make an appearance in the Russel Peters presents, Atom TV, and the likes of the Cutman documentary. Moreover, he also got the role in the ‘Gary Unmarried’ series. In 2010, Segura got involved in multiple other productions.

Tom Segura Success Pitch

Additionally, by mid-2010, Segura performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Global Comedy Festival In Vancouver. Moreover, he also caught attention when he became the finalist for ‘Last Comedy Standing 2’.Contrarily, Tom made a prominent presence in ‘Comedy Central Presents’ and ‘Live At Gotham’.

Additionally, Segura is well-known for his podcasts as well. He created a well-known hit podcast, ‘Your Mom’s House‘, with his wife, Christina. In 2014, he acted in the Netflix comedy series ‘Completely Normal’, ‘Ball Hog’, ‘ Mostly Stories’, etc. Following this, he played roles in films like ‘Instant Family’, ‘The Opening Act’ and ‘Countdown’.

However, 2019 was the year when Segura co-hosted a podcast, ‘2 Bears,1Cave’ alongside Bert Kreischer. The audience loves this podcast, and the audience most likes it. Moreover, it receives millions of impressions on each iTunes and Youtube episode. From the early years of his career, he became an established standup comedian and surpassed a $500 000 yearly income.

Stand Up Comedy

From the beginning of Segura’s career, he pokes a fun element in everything. Initially, he follows a particular pattern in his standup comedy. Segura’s stories revolve around his father and husband’s experiences, untold teen tales, and his unique go-throughs of life. Undoubtedly, his morality-based comedy mainly aimed to share his worthy life experiences with the audience.

In the early chunk of his career, Segura achieved a lot of many accomplishments in his generation. However, he hopped into the industry from auditions and excelled in the showbiz industry.


Besides the channel comedy and media career, Segura is well known for his tours. Moreover, he makes a good amount of money from his worldwide tour shows. Mostly his show tickets get sold out in very less time. To begin with, he got featured in the ‘Global Comedy Festival Vancouver, The Melbourne International Festival’, etc.

Additionally, he collaborates with the other superior comedians as well. In 2019, his ‘Take It Down’ tour consisted of 183 shows in different countries. Moreover, a total of 335,000 tickets were sold for $60 each. It is reportedly said Segura made over $14 Million per hour for one show. Undoubtedly he built his unrivaled reputation from the massive audience response to his show.


Segura got multiple offers from the film industry. He made appearances in movies like ‘Instant Family’,’ Countdown’, ‘Frank Advice’and‘ 9 inches’, etc. Moreover, the comedian worked in the movies and made good bucks from each role. Additionally, he gets to make appearances in a movie at least once a year.

TV Shows

Segura worked on more than 50 TV. This contributed a lot to Segura’s career. Initially, he began his TV career with young comedy stars’ collaborations on live shows. He appeared in the shows like ‘Gary Unmarried’,’ Happy endings’ and ‘How to be a grown up’ etc. All his Tv shows were hit and made him a good amount of money.

Podcast Deal

In October 2010, Segura and his wife co-hosted a podcast named ‘Your Mom’s house’.It became highly popular among the audience because of its crazy genre and funny script. Moreover, the couple makes comedic reviews on different viral social media videos. Additionally, they also talk about diverse topics in a comic tone. However, after 40 episodes, the couple decided to air their podcast in collaboration with DeathSquad Network.

Undoubtedly, the podcast now has 600 episodes and is always trending on the audience’s feeds. Another inclusion in the show format is the couple interviews several celebrity guests and reviews dynamic pop culture. With the utmost vogue, the couple has signed a reality show deal. A lot of people download and watch this podcast daily. Moreover, the couple makes a good amount of money from the ad deals.

YMH And Youtube

Segura and his wife, Christina, are both fabulous comedians. Both of them are opposite personalities. As Segura aw shucks, Cristina narrates in a witty tone. Moreover, the couple makes a tremendous duo complementing their styles and winning the audience’s hearts. 

Initially, Segura is officially working on different YMH Youtube channel podcasts. Apart from that, Segura started his own Youtube channel in 2008. This channel receives more than 70 Million+ views monthly. Ultimately, he makes around $600,000 from his Youtube channel. Additionally, Segura runs a live pay-per-view stream and video rentals for recorded episodes. The best part Segura provides for his fans is viewing all the missed episodes of their broadcasts on rent for seven days.

Netflix And CBS Contract

Segura has covered all the platforms for standup comedy. Besides that, he inked multiple Netflix and CBS shows besides live shows and YouTube podcasts. As he is known as the best comic character in the universe, CBS offered the couple a comedy show,’ The little Things’.

The live channel CBS reports Segura’s earnings of around $145,000 monthly. However, the fan following of the show is increasing every passing day, which will elevate the figures eventually.

Real Estate 

Segura, alongside his wife, has an alluring real estate portfolio. In 2016, they bought a 4619-square-foot home in woodland hills, California, for $1.6 Million. Following this in 2020, Segura sold this house for $2 Million. 

Tom Segura Net Worth In Previous Five Years

Net Worth In 2019$9 Million
Net Worth In 2020$11 Million
Net Worth In 2021$13.5 Million
Net Worth In 2022$15 Million
Net Worth In 2023$12 Million

However, in January 2020, he upgraded to a 5779 square feet residence at $6.65 Million in Pacific Palisades. Within a year, he, alongside his family, decided to leave LA. They put their house for sale at $6.85 Million. Contrarily he also owns a variety of car collections, including the $43,000,00 Lamborghini Aventador and a $70,150 Mercedes-Benz.

Tom Segura Net Worth

Segura has made $12 Million from his standup comedy career. He, alongside his supportive wife, has always picked high paid-projects. Moreover, he expenses almost $2 to $3 Million with $750,000 worth of assets. In his entire career, Segura portrayed hysterical content in front of the public.

Moreover, he is versatile individual and peaked his career through his original talent. From making people laugh to successfully airing podcasts, Segura wins hearts with his talents. Additionally, his collaboration with his wife brings him a good amount of money, and they both make a reasonable net worth together. This duo is a real motivation for all the couples out there to grow and flow together.

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