The ‘Queenie’ Taraji P.Henson New House Shenanigans

About Taraji P. Henson 

Every other human is into Taraji P. Henson’s bold looks and unmatchable acting talents; her movies and tv shows are worth the watch. However, the million dollars Taraji P. Henson new house investments are what her actual fans look forward to. The insight scooping of her life and career journey has been enlisted down below. Sit back and run through Taraji’s success!

Taraji P.Henson Biography

Real NameTaraji Penda Henson
Taraji P.Henson houses3
Total Net Worth$25 Million
Born OnSeptember 11, 1970
Place Of BirthSoutheast Washington D.C. 
Height5 Ft. 4.”
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Taraji P.Henson New House

The flawless exceptional actress Taraji P.Henson is the apple of her fan’s eyes. All the curious yet loveable admirers always wonder where does Taraji P. Henson live? Collecting all the love and net worth from her outstanding hit screen roles, Taraji P.Henson home is in Chicago and Angels.

After the hit show empire, Henson purchased a 36-floor condo in 2017 in Chicago. Ultimately, she paid around $1.925 million for her Hollywood house in Chicago. It is about 2500 square feet with beautiful scenery from the living room. Moreover, as per Celebstreaks research, there is not much revealed about the unit, but Taraji P.Henson new house has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

Taraji P.Henson Home Specs

On the other hand, in the same building in 2015, pictures of Taraji P Henson house reveal that she previously purchased a condo on the 38th floor in Chicago. Moreover, she purchased the old Hollywood house in Chicago for $1.408 Million. Taraji P. Henson’s new house upgraded residence as per the revelations above.

The Taraji Hollywood house in Chicago was built back in 2009. It was a Moorish-style house with three stories. It is an airy yet open space of living. There is a beautiful home theatre area to amplify the cozy vacation. With multiple amenities, the house is worth the money spent.

Los Angeles Taraji P.Henson New House

In 2016, the actress purchased another huge mansion worth the money. Taraji P. Henson new house was a Spanish-style bombastic mansion. To end the fan curiosity, CelebStreaks found out that Taraji P. Henson new house in Angeles was almost $6.4 Million. It is a 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom shrub surrounded home with a protective gate on 4000+ square feet. Moreover, the house has walk-in closets, a dressing room, a salon chair, and built-in cabins. She gets ready for the awards in the particular room pre-awards.

Additionally, the house has formal living and dining rooms with three circular fireplaces and a spa. In addition, Taraji P. Henson new house includes a pantry, a 600-bottle wine cellar, and a screening room. Furthermore, the decor includes Moroccan chandeliers and an outdoor romantic hot tub area. Moreover, the house has hardwood floors in dark brown color and a neutral paint scheme. Taraji P.Henson new house has a shaped living room with a fireplace and electric shades with eight-seater dining.

Taraji Henson Angeles Home Illustrations

Moreover, the kitchen has a contrasting color theme and granite counters with stainless steel appliances. In addition, two of the bedrooms have cream-colored walls and carpeting, while the third room has hardwood floors with a balcony. The view of the Michigan lake, Ohio beach, and navy pier offers a spectacular mind-boggling picturesque scene from the residence.

As per Taraji, she says that home is where all people live together. To prove this, her father bought a Maryland home when Taraji met her stepmother at 16. Unfortunately, after her father’s death, the house went haunted for 13 years. The actress partnered with Houzz under home renovation series in which she worked on her stepmother’s D.C. home. Consequently, she transformed a dull, dreary place into a cozy home.

Early Life

Taraji Penda Henson was born in southeast Washington, D.C., on September 11, 1970. She is the daughter of Woodward& Lothrop corporate manager Bernice and a metal fabricator, Boris Lawrence Henson. Moreover, Taraji greatly influences her maternal grandma Patsy Ballard—Taraji’s unique name origination from Swahili origin.

As far as her education is concerned, Henson graduated from Oxon hill high school in 1988. Additionally, she enrolled in the electrical engineering degree at the North Carolina agricultural and technical state university. Eventually, Henson decided to shift to Howard University to study drama. To support herself in her college days, she did odd jobs as a secretary and a waitress. She began her career soon after graduating from Howard with a successful beginning.

Film Career

Initially, she got the role of Tammy in 1998 in the movie ‘Streetwise’ as her debut. Eventually, in 2000, she started getting back-to-back hit roles for the big screen. From 2000 to 2002, she worked in the films ‘The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle’, ‘Baby Boy’ the ultimate hit, and ‘Book of Love: The Definitive Reason Why Men Are Dogs’.In the next decade, she worked in consecutive films gathering the best of her wealth for the beginning of her career.

In 2004 she acted in the film ‘Hair Show’ as Tiffany. Moreover, in 2005 she worked on two films ‘Hustle & Flow, in a lead role and won multiple awards, and ‘Four Brothers and Animal. In 2006, she performed in ‘Something New’ and ‘Smokin’ Aces. Moreover, in 2007, she worked in ‘Talk To Me’. From 2008-2009, she worked in five consecutive films, including ‘The Family That Preys’, ‘Not Easily Broken’, ‘Hurricane Season’, and ‘I Can Do Bad All by Myself’.

Taraji P. Henson Hit Roles

The 2009 film ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ was the turning point of her life when she received an Oscar for the role of Queenie. In 2010, her hit film ‘The karate kid‘ and ‘Date night’ were profitable credited roles. In 2011, she worked in a primary role for the television series ‘Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story’ and got nominated for multiple Emmy awards. Eventually, the next year, she acted in the sequel of ‘Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man’.

Moreover, Henson’s hit film in 2016 ‘Hidden figures’ got her outstanding nominations. She also worked in ‘Proud Mary’, and ‘Acrimony’ and lent her voice to the Disney animated film ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2’ in 2018. Furthermore, she performed in What Men Want’ for which she received immense love.

Taraji P. Henson’s ‘Empire’

Of all the outstanding roles, Taraji P. Henson got a triple Emmy nomination for the hit tv show ‘Empire’. Initially, she was in the cast in 2015. This role was her focal point, for which the fans know her the most. She attracted a huge audience through her five-year sequel tv show under her Cookie Lyon character. Moreover, her recognition brought her the best actress award at the golden globe in 2016. Moreover, she is looking forward to three new roles from’ PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, The Color Purple and Time Alone’ in 2023 and much more to go her way.

Taraji P. Henson Net Worth

As the actress, Taraji has been lucky enough to portray her talents in the best possible ways. Her net worth is around $25 Million. Eventually, her decades-long acting career made Taraji P. Henson new house investment smooth and hurdle free. As per Celebstreaks calculations, she invested around $10 Million of her wealth into real estate and is looking forward to more. Her flawless bold style and exceptional acting talent brought her to the fullest. However, she is unstoppable and looks up to many new roles to shake the audience and her fans. 

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