The Extravagant Jeffree Star Grand Rapids Michigan House Tour 

Jeffree Star is a fashion idol serving as a makeup artist, model, musician, and fashion designer. He runs a Youtube channel and cosmetics brands that bring him millions of dollars home. Moreover, the audience fell in love with his style and fashion sense. CelebStreaks discovered that he is well known for Jeffree Star Grand Rapids Michigan House and his funky hair colors and tattoos. Moreover, his extravagant, luxurious lifestyle and iconic sense are fantastic.

Jeffree Star Biography

Real NameJeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr.
Jeffree star House4
Total Net Worth$200 Million
Born OnNovember 15, 1985
Place Of BirthLos Angeles County, California
ProfessionYoutuber, Entrepreneur, Makeup artist, And Much More
Height5 Ft. 10”

Jeffree Star Grand Rapids Michigan House

The exceptional makeup artist and beauty fashion influencer has earned a storm of fame across the globe. Her extravagant lifestyle made her an outstanding icon for the audience. People follow the trends and trust Jeffree’s mesmerizing beauty sense. Apart from all her life shenanigans, Jeffree star grand rapids Michigan House is a jaw-dropping feature playing a vital role in her lifestyle.

Jeffree Star has accumulated wealth for which he invested in one of the best assets of his life. Jeffree star grand rapids Michigan House is located in grand rapids, Michigan. He has created a stunning picturesque mansion bleeding in the glamour and luxury at its peak. The Jeffree star Calabasas business is already on top of the head of makeup lovers. However, the Jeffree star grand rapids Michigan house depicts his personality and taste.

Jeffree Star Wyoming House 

Jeffrey Star keeps changing his locations to peaceful areas to make his thoughts come in creatively. In 2020, his $1.1 Million Casper, Wyoming house was placed on 70 acres of land that covers 5793 square feet, stunned the admires. This ranch mansion connected him with nature and induced more patience and thoughtfulness within his mind. This house has a perfect living room with an eat-in kitchen. The house has five bedrooms but nine bathrooms, making it a master mansion.

Jeffree Star Hidden Hills House 

One of the most significant investments of the iconic fashionista was his hidden Hills Casper Wy Mansion worth $20 Million. It is a massive space lying on 19,549 square feet. As a self-loving person, he gifted this mansion to himself on Christmas, initially built in 2009. As per Celebstreaks research, this is one of the largest hidden hills house in town owned by Jeffree Star. Italian cypresses surround the entry gate, and there is a formal garden as well. Moreover, the garage can accommodate to best cars at once. In addition, the house has a double staircase and a scenic view balcony. Every room is tiled and hardwood floored.

Jeffree Star Calabasas House 

Another investment of the artist is Calabasas Jeffree star home bought worth $4.77 million. It is a massive place of 7100 square feet with branded construction. It has a four-car garage surrounded by mountains and valleys. The house is structured beautifully, setting the standards with customized high-end closets and outdoor areas. In addition, the luxurious library, BBQ corner, and fireplace add to the house’s beauty.

Alluring Interiors

Considering the interior of Jeffree star grand rapids Michigan house is an awe-inspiring architecture. Every room of the house catches exquisite attention. Jeffree Star spent the money to make the house look exceptional. As soon as the house entrance starts, a beautiful living room spreads glamour and luxury in the viewer’s eye. Jeffree star grand rapids, Michigan house, is classic and modern. Moreover, the entire house is furnished and adorned with giant expensive chandeliers. In addition, being an artist, he has incorporated amazing art pieces into the house.

The unique and mesmerizing view of the entire house stuns the visitors. The Jeffree Star Grand Rapids Michigan house is a stunning masterpiece, including many luxurious embellishments. The mansion includes a home theatre where Jeffree fulfills his entertainment chain by watching movies and challenging to the fullest. In addition, Jeffree Star Grand Rapids Michigan house has a splendid indoor swimming pool with a sauna and spa. The whole house and every corner is a place to relax and get one mind rejuvenated for a fresh start.


In addition, Jeffree’s house consists of a fully equipped gym with a backyard lush green view. His house is a perfect spot for hosting luxury and grand parties. Jeffree Star house is et apart put of its breathtaking lavish features. Each room has a walk-in closet, as the home is of a fashion influencer. Her cabinets are full of fashion designer clothes, accessories, and all the doll-up stuff. Another must-have feature of the house is the adorned beauty room, where he has a vast cosmetics and makeup collection.

Jeffree creates outstanding makeup looks within the beauty room, films them, and stuns the world. Within the same area is a wine cellar for raising spirits while in creative mode. Eventually, Jeffree’s house is an ultimate curiosity for his admirers. Undoubtedly, the amenities considerably make the house worth millions of dollars.

Jeffree Star Net Worth

Jeffrey Star s a big name in the fashion entrepreneurship industry. Moreover, he is an all-rounder who has debuted albums and runs his cosmetics brand. Furthermore, he makes YouTube videos for personified makeup looks. However, all together, Jeffree star net worth is $200 Million. With a considerable wealth bucket, his current stock of Jeffree Star your still on the property and is a dream for all to buy. Moreover, He is the highest-paid YouTube and has invested in some best properties, including Jeffree star

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