The Eagles Star Jalen Hurts House Modesty Unveiled!

Jalen Hurts is an exceptional football player whose talents came in from his skilled athlete father, Averion Hurts. He made millions of dollars in his early 20s. Moreover, he is a great start Quarterback leading his teams to the finals and winning awards. He is a genuine defeater and has been in the field since childhood. Being an intelligent and modest player, CelebStreaks pinpointed Jalen Hurts house and the significant investments and embellishments here.

Jalen Hurts Biography

Real Name  Jalen Alexander Hurts
jalen hurts house1 Lavish house
Total Net worth $4 Million
Born OnAugust 7,1998
Place Of BirthHouston Texas
ProfessionProfessional Footballer
Height6 Ft. 1”
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Jalen Hurts House

As per Celebstreaks records, wealthy sportspeople often hop onto elevating their house. Football players primarily use a few of their NFL contract millions to buy luxurious homes. Contrary to all those thoughts, Jalen Hurts house is neither a separate lavish mansion nor a luxurious bungalow. In that case, people wonder, Where Does Jalen Hurts Live? 

Jalen Hurts House Houston Texas

While playing a game with the team, hurts only rents a tiny apartment in Philadelphia. However, as soon as he finishes his match or playoff, Jalen Hurts house is the same as his parent’s house. Jalen’s parents live in Houston in a large house. Although the athlete has not publicly revealed his house, his orientation with the family and humbleness throws positive vibes on his admirers.

 Furthermore, this home of Jalen’s, which he bought out of his own hard-earned money. The best part is that Jalen hurts inked a four-year-long contract with ropes eagles football worth $6 Million in 2020. When the young guy received the money, he instantly bought a home for himself and his family. His father, Averion Hurts, helped him with $215,000 to buy the home. Eventually, Hurts bought the house under his father’s ownership and now lives there with his parents.

 Jalen Hurts House Illustration

Jalen hurts the best real estate history among all the NFL players. It is 2400 square feet with three bedrooms and a gaming room. Moreover, it has a two-car garage and a backyard. In addition, it has a lavish kitchen with granite counters, stainless steel fittings, white cabins, and a beautiful theme look. The house’s overall look is pure and humble, per the family’s nature.

Early Life

Jalen Alexander Hurts was born in Houston, Texas, and Jalen Hurts birthdate is August 7, 1998. He studied at Channelview high school. In this particular era, he played football passionately as his father was his school’s coach. Additionally, as a sophomore, Hurts was a second-team all-district selection. Similarly, as a junior, he was entitled as the district 21-6A overall MVP.

As per Jalen Hurts high school journey, he has been labeled as the top dual-threat quarterback of his class. Moreover, he is a four-star recruit and a finalist for the 198-pound weight class in powerlifting. With so much talent, Texas A&M University approached him for enrollment. However, Hurts decided to commit to the University of Alabama.

Career Beginning

 From 2016 to 2018, Hurts was a crimson tide football team quarterback until three years. The outstanding player was named the first SEC freshman of the year of Alabama starter. Moreover, in 2016 he also got the title f SEC offensive payer of the year. In 2017, Hurts made Alabama win the national football championship and received the ‘Sugar bowl offensive MVP’ based on his exceptional performance. Eventually, the player transferred to Oklahoma university, seeking better opportunities. Ultimately, he played the 2019 season with the title ‘Big 12 offensive newcomer of the year’. Moreover, Hurts has been selected in the first all big 12 teams.

Did Jalen Hurts Win The Heisman?

Jalen Hurts stood against Joe Borrow for the Heisman trophy 2019. Unfortunately, Hurts did not win the Heisman trophy in 2019, but it was a close miss. Luckily he ended up second on the voting pole against him, but Joe took the trophy back home that year.

Jalen Hurts Professional Play

In the second round of the 2020 NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles picked Jalen Hurts as the 53rd pick overall. He was elected as the third-string quarterback of the team for 14 weeks. Moreover, Hurts was the beginning QB(quarterback) in the 2020 rookie season. However, in 2021, he played as the starting Quarterback under Nick Sirianni. Jalen finished the season with excellent performance and led all the yards.

In addition, Hurts remained started for the 2022 and 2023 seasons and took his team to the playoffs. As per the 2022 season, Hurts led the Eagles to playoffs, becoming the youngest NFL quarterback with a 13-1 lead. Moreover, he got the title of Pro Bowl and second-team all-pro selection. Moreover, he got the Bert Bell award too.

Brand Endorsements

Apart from Jalen hurts contract money as a player, he makes good money from sponsorships. Jalen plays the brand endorser for Beyoncé’s ‘Lemon Perfect’ beverage brand. Another sponsor of Jalen is ‘Eastbay’, a sports apparel brand.

Jalen Hurts Net Worth

According to Jalen Hurts birthday, his consistent efforts as a player and exceptional talents made his net worth $4 Million+ at such a young age. However, Jalen Hurts house is the center of attention for his admirers. His 2020 $6 Million+ rookie contract brought him a signing bonus of $2.8 Million and a $75,000 workout bonus for every year. Conclusively, Jalen built an $8 Million net worth in the previous peak years of his career.

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