The Antique Lookdown Upon The Footballer Ezekiel Elliot House 

Ezekiel Elliott, also known as ‘Zeke,’ is an American NFL running back payer who achieved perfection in his career from his high school days. After the NFL drafting, Ezekiel Elliot house made headlines breaking through millions. He achieved multiple awards and honors and has been an exceptional professional football player.

Ezekiel Elliot Biography

Real NameEzekiel Elejah Eliot 
Number Of Ezekiel Elliot House 2
Total Net Worth$25 Million
Born OnJuly 22, 1995
Place Of BirthAlton, Illinois, United States
ProfessionRunning Back Footballer
Height6 Ft.
Salary$9.6 Million
Updated: ✅

Ezekiel Elliot House 

It is well-known that an NFL career is not a long-lasting evergreen one. Eventually, the American single-handed champion Ezekiel Elliot house was the best investment he made within the right time circle. The Ezekiel Elliot house is less than 40 minutes from the AT&T stadium. According to Celebstreaks research, the Dallas cowboys player has reached his final career phase at the NFL.

For this reason, Zeke decided to invest in the best means to secure a better future and live in peace even after retirement. Ezekiel Elliott home is in Frisco, Texas, near the metroplex, where people carry on in the hustle and bustle. Most NFL running backs know how short but profitable their career is. Zeke made $70 Million+ throughout his career as he signed the best categorical contracts with the Dallas Cowboys. Quarterbacks and Wide receivers play longer in the NFL than running backs.

Ezekiel Elliot House Specs

Eventually, after a long consistent struggle, the investment in Ezekiel Elliot house that he made was around $2.5 Million plus. Although it is not as shocking as other athletes, CelebStreaks jotted down the player’s struggle for motivation. Ezekiel Elliott’s house is a 7000+ square feet area but was constructed out of the ordinary.

Where Does Zeke Elliott Live?

Furthermore, the Frisco Dallas cowboys running back player Ezekiel Elliot house was purchased in 2018. The player never disclosed the actual amount of the house, but the CelebStreaks estimate brings it to $2 Million+ approximately. Ezekiel Elliot house is in an exclusive Frisco neighborhood, 4883 Orchard Park Dr, Frisco, TX 75034, with a chateau-style construction.

The Ezekiel Elliott house in Dallas cowboys Frisco has four bedrooms with five bathrooms. The previous owner sends half a million approximately to make the house look like artwork. The kitchen has rich pigmented coloring with beam ceilings and granite counters. Moreover, the kitchen cabinets are made of 200-Year-old wood extracted from the French oak tree.

Ezekiel Elliott Mansion Perks

Apart from the house’s rustic, antique, and elegant look of the house, Eliot enjoys some incredible perks. It has a reverbed home theatre for watching games and movies in the off-season. Moreover, the beautiful spa and an infinity saltwater pool with a stone fireplace help him chillax to the fullest on his off days. Ezekiel Elliott’s house is a posh and customized home with a center tub, long bathroom counters, and an antique look.

Moreover, it is a perfect place to enjoy and stay entertained with multiple amenities. There is a huge library that tucks you in with the interior to get the right peace of mind. Additionally, the acres might be fewer, but the built-in bar with a custom game room helps declutter the long-lost thoughts for the player.

Ezekiel Elliott Parent’s New House

The most beautiful highlight of the Running back player’s career is when he neglected his luxuries over everything. The 2016 NFL paycheck was a tremendous achievement for Ezekiel Elliott Parent’s New House purchase. Eliot has kept the inside details of the house private, but it is located in the player’s hometown around St. Louis.

Early Life

Ezekiel Elejah Eliot was born on July 22, 1995, in Alton, Illinois, United States. His father, Stacy Eliot, was a linebacker for the football team Missouri. Eventually, the football passion initially started running in the individual from the family inheritance. He studied at a Missouri school named John Burroughs School. He played different ball games and was a good basketball, football, and track player. 

The turning point of Elliot’s life was when he started playing for the school’s Bombers football team. He is also very famous for the name Zeke. In 2012, He was in his junior year, making 1802 yards receiving 23 passes for 401 yards. He received the title ‘St. Louis Post-Dispatch offensive player of the year’. 

Other Talents

Additionally, he was an outstanding track and field athlete. He participated in state-level competitions for sprinting and hurdles. Moreover, he set records in this game in his junior year with 10.95 seconds for 100 m and won the four state championships in 2.5 Hours. Furthermore, he has enlisted for the 2013 U.S. Army all-American bowl. Although he had the offer from his parent’s alma matter ‘The University of Missouri, he decided to g with the university of Ohio for a better career kickstart.

Following that, he was enrolled at Ohio State University in 2013. As a freshman, he made multiple records which displayed his exceptional talent. Additionally, in 2014 at the Big Ten championship game, he rushed six times for 100 yards and led Ohio state through the playoffs for the first time.

Personal Life

Ezekeil’s parents, Dawn and Stacy Eliot were athletes on their school tie. They both studied at the University of Missouri and eventually tied the know after a few years. This clearly depicts sports running in the blood of the NFL player. Zeke has two other siblings, Lailah and Aaliyah. Moreover, Ezekiel Elliott mimi is his grandmother, whom he loves the most. There were headlines in 2019 when he gifted his football to Mimi, and she gave a priceless reaction in pride. As per Elliott’s girlfriend, it is rumored that he might be dating Halle Woodward, who accompanies him to all cowboy games, as per his mother’s Instagram confession.


In 2014, Elliot got the chance as a starter for the NFL after Hyde’s resignation. During this season, he was entitled to the ‘Academic All-Big Ten Conference team’.Ultimately, in 2015, Eliot ran 230 yards in a hard-fought sugar bowl in competition with #1 Alabama with a 42-35 win and got the title ‘Most Offensive player’.Moreover, he capped another Buckeyes championship against the Oregon ducks.

 In addition, he got the title of the ‘Offensive MVP’ of the game for running third most rushing yards as an Ohio state player and received a national playoff honor as well. Dallas Cowboys selected Eliot for the NFL 2016 draft in the first round as the fourth pick overall. He was selected as the first running back player in that year’s NFL draft. In the 2016 season, Eliot was the favorite ‘Offensive rookie of the year’ and was considered a dominant lineup player.


Eventually, he inked a four-year rookie contract with the Dallas Cowboys for $24.9 million. He also received a signing bonus of $16.3 Million. Here was when Ezekiel Elliott mansion dream started picking power. Eventually, from 2016 till date, Zeke has been a consistently exceptional player in all seasons. However, in 2020, he renewed the contract with the Dallas Cowboys team. It was a six-year $90 Million contract with a $7 Million signing bonus and a $50 million guarantee bonus.

Zeke’s Recognition

All America Honors 2015
Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week
Three time pro bowl
AAU Sullivan Award
FedEx Ground Player of the Year
NFL FedEx Ground Running Back of the Week

Ezekiel Elliott Net Worth

The athlete has constructed a fat net worth through his rookie contracts and brand endorsement. Ezekiel Elliott Net Worth is around $25 Million. He has been playing sponsorships for renowned brands like Nike and Wingstop. Moreover, he has earned a base salary of $9.6 Million in the previous few years. His exceptional talent and consistent training made him a great name among the NFL running back players.

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