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Orlando Brown Net Worth – Insights On How Rich Is The Actor Lately?

Who doesn’t know about the notoriously controversial American artist, Orlando Brown, born on December 4, 1987, in Los Angeles, California? He has been hovering in the headlines for many wrong reasons. While he was in high school in 2011, his father, Orlando Claude Brown Sr., expired due to diabetic ketoacidosis. From their early childhood, he faced difficulties and challenges in his mental health.

With all this said, do you want to know how he built his net worth? Read about his journey from a victorious artist to an unfortunate addict behind bars below.

Orlando Brown Net Worth

Net Worth$1 Million
Real NameOrlando Brown
Born OnDecember 4, 1987
Birth PlaceL.A California, USA
ProfessionActor, Singer And Rapper
Year Active From1995- Present
Height5 Ft. 6”
Annual Salary$100,000

Early Life

From a very young age, Orlando Brown showed his interest in acting and music. However, when his parents witnessed the sparks in him, they taught him into part roles to give an early push start to his career. 

However, he has yet to open up much about his personal life and education in front of the public. In a nutshell, he had an excellent career start and received the utmost love from the audience. Contrarily he was very open about his dark side of mental health and addictions. To know more, continue reading till the end.

Acting Career

Orlando Brown started his career as a child artist in the 1990s. His debut character was cadet Kevin Tiger Dune in the movie ‘Major Payne’ in 1995. Moreover, he also performed in other productions, including ‘Two Of A Kind’ in 1998 alongside Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen.

When he was in elementary school, the role of 3J in the ABC sitcom, ‘Family Matters’ opened up more opportunities for him. After that performance, he worked in the production of the Disney series, for which he is now called a former Disney star.

Additionally, he played the most significant role of Raven’s friend Eddie Thomas in ‘That’s So Raven’ in 2003, a big hit and a turning point for Brown. He earned a total of $750,000 from this show. Moreover, he received the ‘Best Young Artist Award’ in 2005. He also worked in the animated series ‘The Proud Family’. Following this, he started getting work without any breaks.

Orlando Brown Net Worth In The Previous 5 Years

Networth In 2019$0.7 Million
Networth In 2020$0.8 Million
Networth In 2021$0.9 Million
Networth In 2022$0.95 Million
Networth In 2023$1 Million

Furthermore, he constantly appeared as a co-star and guest star in television shows. Such as ‘Waynehead,’ ‘Sister, Sister,’ ‘The Jamie Foxx Show,’ ‘Friends And Foes,’ Safe Harbor,’ ‘Lizzie Mcguire,’ and ‘Fillmore’. In 2000 he was nominated as ‘Outstanding Young Performer’ for ‘Safe Harbor’.

After his back-to-back hit performances, producers offered him roles in the films such as ‘Max Keeble’s Big Move’.In 2012 he made a prominent appearance in the movies ‘We the Party’ and ‘Christmas In Compton’. Similarly, he worked in the film ‘American Bad Boy’ and ‘Straight Outta Compton’.

 In addition, he also worked for television movies, including ‘Maniac Magee,’ ‘Eddie’s Million Dollar,’ ‘Perfect’ and ‘Cook-out’. Subsequently, he played a role in the Disney TV series for 99 episodes until 2007. After that, he quit acting and entered the music industry.

According to recent insights, although Brown is a tremendous actor, he is not getting much work lest his talent. Moreover, he has very less projects lined up to second his acting career.

Music Career 

The American artist has a nanoscopic music career but is much appreciated for his voice. However,  his music career brought him bucks as well. Brown became a rapper after the release of the 14-track studio album ‘Trade It All’ in 2006. After ten years, he released the second album in 2016 called ‘F**k My Fame’ (Radio).

Moreover, Brown sang for multiple Disney featuring soundtracks. Such as ‘That’s so Raven,’ ‘DisneyMania 2′,’ Will It Go Round In Circles’ in That’s so Raven too, ‘Disney Remix4’, ‘Princess Disney Mania’ and ‘Disney Mania 4’.

Legal Issues

Besides his successful artistic career, Brown has been in multiple arrests since 2016. He has always been very open about his drug addictions and mental health. However, on February 28, 2016, the police took him into custody under the charge of domestic assault on his girlfriend in a parking lot due to the possession of drugs.

Furthermore, he was behind bars in California. Later on, the police charged him multiple times for domestic violence and access drug consumption in 2016. In the same year, Vegas police arrested him for selling illegal drugs and for his involvement in physical exploitation. Brown decided to enter a rehabilitation center in 2017. 

While on his road to recovery, he broke out just after a week. Following this, on January 2018, he attempted to assault a police officer in possession of drugs as well. The same year, he was again behind bars for breaking into a restaurant. His recent assault was on his blood brother in December 2022, who sheltered Brown in his house out of pity. Brown was imprisoned for attacking his brother with a knife and a hammer.

Orlando Brown’s Net Worth

As the best young artist and a very famous personality among children across the globe, Brown gathers a net worth of $1 Million. Everyone always appreciated his work as a multi-talented individual. Moreover, he is addressed as a Former Disney star. With all the appreciation and a successful career, drug addiction destroyed everything for the artist. Apart from his endless tries, he still cannot overcome the possession but is still appearing in some movies and series as of his talented buds.

After his viral interview on July 13, 2022, with Funny Marco, he addressed many big names and increased controversies for him but in a lighter mode. Moreover, he also revealed chunks of other exciting upcoming things in his life. Consequently, from an award-winning young artist to a drug addict, he has lost much in his life but is still sparkling in the eyes of his true fandom. 

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