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Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra – A Look down On The Women Empowerment

About Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra

Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra is two successful entrepreneurs and women leading the world like real boss ladies. Nicole is an international investor who has changed the world with her mind-boggling technological ideas. She is a woman who kicks out traditional business models and wants to shape the business world internationally. On the other hand, Marry Barra is a successful American businesswoman and the first female CEO who owns a leading automobile company.

Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra Early Life

Marry Barra was born on December 24, 1961, in Royal Oak, Michigan, while Nicole Junkermann was born In Dusseldorf, Germany, on April 27, 1980. Nicole was raised in Marbella and was passionate about everything in the country. The latter got her media degree from the University of Westminster London. However, the former graduated from Kettering University with an electrical engineering degree. After graduation, Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra worked separately on their peculiar interests.

Initially, Junkermann worked for various German channels as a television producer. She comes from a well-off family, as her father is also a businessman. In 1977 she founded her production company named NJF holdings. On the other hand, Mary Barra worked as an engineer at the General Motors company.

Nicole Junkermann Career

After the initial beginnings, Nicole introduced her interest in the business arena and developed an online gaming platform named Winamax. From this point, she started to experience the perks of her successful adventures. Additionally, she became the co-founder of the company ‘Sports and media’, which she sold on profit after nine years.

In addition, as Nicole is a solid investor, she used her brain for a significant investment in a sports store in China named ‘Really sports’. Alongside in the same industry, she created the capital fund united. 

Nicole Junkermann – The Investor

Moreover, junkermann is an entrepreneur, now an investor and a shareholder. For this reason, she has also been appointed as the vice chairman of Bridge Point, a private equity group. In 2017, Nicole also became the co-chair of Global Magnum Ventures. Moreover, the same year, she invested in the health department to maintain the Magnum photo assets.

About Nicole Junkermann NJF

NJF holdings were founded in 2012 with teh concept of being an international investment organization. The successful entrepreneur and investor Nicole Junkermann works in real estate, private equity, and venture capital. 

Within the last decade, this organization has bumped its feet firm in the Asian European, and American regions with open exploration opportunities. It looks for co-investments and private investments side by side. In addition, they held 40+ startups across the target regions in different tech and health departments.

Nicole Junkermann Activism

Besides being a brilliant entrepreneur, Nicole has strong ties with an independent charity, Tate America’s foundation. Additionally, in 2007, she raised approximately 242.2 Million Euros from the private equity fund for sports and media investments. Moreover, NFJ holdings made periodic investments in Dollar Shave Club, Songza, and RelateiQ. All of these were later procured by Google, Salesforce, and Unilever.

Nicole Junkermann Personal Life

Nicole lives with her businessman husband, the CEO of the Italian energy company API group. She lives in London with her family running multiple businesses. She knows around six languages and has vast experience doing business within different ares.

Mary Barra Career

Contrastively, when Marry Barra was just 18, she worked at General Motors checking fender panels and hood inspection. She was a self-sufficient woman from a very early age and paid her college fee from her salary. With all the hardships and bearings, she became the vice president of Global Manufacturing Engineering. In the following year, she held the Global Human Resource vice president position, and finally, in 2011, she became the executive vice president of Global Product Development.

Eventually, Barra took the chief executive position at General Motors in 2014 and held the title of the first female head of the automobile manufacturing industry. As soon as she had the role, she transformed the cars into electric-powered and driverless modes. This is how she introduced technology and innovation into the industry.

Barra Add-Ons

In addition, Barra has invested billions in electronic vehicles. She scored relatively zero in gender equity reports compared to other companies. In 2018, GM company was one of the two global businesses that reduced the gender pay gap. The entrepreneur brought changes like business conduction at all levels.

About Mary Barra GM

General Motors is an International American automobile manufacturing company. It is one of the Largest Automakers In the USA. Moreover, they have widespread manufacturing plants in more than eight countries. It has more interest in Chinese brand joint ventures. Furthermore, the company also owns BrightDrop, which manufactures military vehicles for the US government. Undoubtedly, this automobile manufacturer company focuses on technological innovations in cars. They plan to bring in carbon neutrality until the next decade.GM is ranked 22nd on the fortune 500 ranking in total revenue.

Mary Barra Achievements

4th Om Forbes Most Powerful Women list (2018)
Honorary doctorate from duke university (2018)
Yale Chief Executive in Leadership Award(2018)
All-America Executive team first position
100 most influential people in the world(Times)

Mary Barra Personal Life 

Barra met her husband, Tony Barra, at Kettering University. They live together in Northville, owning an apartment in Downtown Detroit. She lives in a Detroit suburb with her two children and two dogs. Moreover, she is also of Finnish descent.

Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra Facts & Figures

Nicole as a sharp businessman has never revealed her exact figures; however, she approximately touches Billion Dollars in net worth. On the other hand, Barra earns over $21,000,000 +. Barra has been featured on the cover page of Times Magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential People In The World’. Moreover, she is entitled as one of the most potent women globally. On the other hand, Nicole is also one of the best-known entrepreneurs who graduated from Harvard and excels in business development. Apart from Nicole’s own business, she is a brilliant consultant and pinpoints her focus on expanding businesses.

In a nutshell, both Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra are the two most highly successful entrepreneurs. They broke all the stereotypes and traditions in the business world. Their success stories are proof that women’s power is what pushes gender inequality out of the fort. With a lot captured, both successful ladies yet expect a lot more achievement and recognition in the business world and continue to be an inspiration for many out there.

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