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Nev Schulman Net Worth – ‘Catfish’ Hosting And Other Ventures

The outspoken producer, host, and artist Nev Schulman collected millions of pennies for his outstanding TV show appearances. From dancing to photography, Nev got into hosting ‘Catfish’, the ultimate spotlight of his career, with the spark seen in him by his brother, Nev Schulman net worth extension is the outcome of his sheer determination and belief in himself.

Nev Schulman Biography

Total Net Worth$2 Million
Real NameYaniv Schulman
Born OnSeptember 26, 1984
Place Of BirthNew York City
ProfessionActor, producer and host
Height6 Ft. 1”
Salary$100,000 per Episode
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Early Life 

Yaniv Schulman was born in New York City on September 26, 1984. He studied photography from 2004 to 2006 at Sarah Lawrence College. Unfortunately, he was expelled from college for punching a young woman mistaking her for a male, in 2006. He is better known by the name Nev Schulman. He also has an elder brother Ariel Schulman aka Rel, who is an artist and a filmmaker.

Schulman was interested in pursuing a dancing career in NYC but ultimately started photographing dance in his high school era. While he was a student, he started working as a part-time videographer for Bat Mitzvah. In the early days of their career, he was photographing an event at a school when he met a controversy. He was approached by a woman who smashed his camera. However, the woman told the opposite story to the media. Schulman became the center of online gossip.

Additionally, he published a book in 2014 in which he recounted multiple stories of his life and other knowledgeable topics. The book was entitled ‘In Real life’. Apart from all the controversies, his book was a hit and brought in a lot of cash for the author, with $16 for each copy.

Early Career

When Nev was a young boy, his brother Rel loved to film his entertaining actions when he was a kid. Eventually, he was sure his brother’s confidence was perfect for documentaries. When Nev graduated from high school, he and his brother decided to create their own production company, ‘Supermaché’.

Eventually, both of them decided to release the documentary ‘Catfish’. Rel was sure this documentary would be a turning point for his jobbing brother Nev. However, Nev’s photographs appeared in the most significant magazines, such as The New York Times, Vogue, and The New York Sun. Contrarily, In 2010, the production company gained audience attention. Their documentary ‘Catfish’ was on the pathway to tremendous success.

About Catfish

The American reality-based MTV documentary series is based upon the rights and wrongs, truths and lies of online dating and relationships. Additionally, it emerged from the 2010 film ‘Catfish’ and premiered in November 2012. Nev Schulman has been the host throughout the eight seasons. Moreover, he is accompanied by Kamie Crawford and Max Joseph. Until 2018, back-to-back seasons of the series were being premiered, and due to sexual misconduct, the team terminated the production process. However, the production continued in no less time due to insufficient evidence. Ultimately, In November 2020, the group premiered its episodes with an innovation, ‘Catfish: The podcast’ through Wondery and MTV.

Catfish Hosting

Both brothers’ production companies gained notice for ‘Catfish’ in 2010. Right then, Nev met a girl online with whom he fell in love. Later on, after a six-month-long relationship, he claimed that she was not what she claimed to be when he met her in person. This incident inspired MTV to create a dedicated show about online couples. For the film creation, Henry Joost partnered with the brothers. Moreover, Andrew Jarecki and Brett Ratner produced the film. The film’s debut took place at the ‘Sundace Film Festival’.

Furthermore, as Nev went through this, he was appointed the executive producer and host of the TV series ‘Catfish’. His partner was Max Joseph in filming and co-hosting this show. The debut premiered in 2012 and continued through the years until 2018 with season 7. This individual showed refined Nev Schulman’s net worth to a great extent. Reports indicate he earns almost $100,000 for a single catfish episode. Moreover, he makes nearly $1.6 Million after 16 episode season, which is enormous!

The ‘Perfect’ Duo

Initially, when the show premiered, Nev and Max together were the most admired duo for hosting the regular show that lasted for 7 seasons. They both narrated Catfish tales that the audience loved and respected to the peak. This series has been an ultimate success from the very first premiere. It is reportedly said that the show is ten times more in demand than other TV shows. Moreover, the young American TV star gained a reputation through this show. Despite the old-school show, fans still show interest in it and demand more seasons.

As per Nev’s statement, the show carries a positive message for people’s stories, choices, and problems. However, the spicy chunks and dramatic filming keep the people hooked to it more. Furthermore, Schulman got a ‘Teen Choice ward 2014’ nomination for Catfish.

As per the tittle tattle, MTV pays Jenelle Evans from ‘Teen Mom 2’ $400,000.As Nev is working for the exact nature of the series, it is assumed that he also might be making the same salary. Undoubtedly, a significant chunk of Nev schulman net worth sprung from the Catfish show successfully from the first day. People connect with Nev as he understands the people’s problems more. 

Other Ventures

Apart from ‘catfish hunting’, Nev has also appeared in film roles. In 2018, he played a role in ‘Nobody’s fool’, a romantic comedy film. Moreover, he participated in the 29th season of ‘Dancing With The Stars’. His partner was Jenna Johnson. Luckily he secured second place in the show, losing the winner’s title by a slight margin. Here Nev also fulfilled his dance passion—moreover, he made $125,000 in the rehearsal weeks, with $50,000 as the runner-up prize. Furthermore, the earning is estimated to go up to $360,000, adding to the pot of Nev Schulman net worth.


In 2019, Nev, alongside his wife, bought a home in Brooklyn, New York. In 2020, they listed this property at $2.2 Million. Schulman is also a part owner of the Matcha Café. Nev also owns a house in Los Angeles, where he does not live because his family isn’t there.

Nev Schulman Net Worth

Catfish being an outstanding concept, attracted people for specific reasons. Whatever the audience experiences in daily life is what they connect with immediately. This show strengthened Nev Schulman net worth, making it $2 Million. Moreover, there are other sources of income for Nev. He also makes public appearances for $50,000 to $100,000. With increased popularity, the celebrity being’s income is also subject to grow with time.

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