Lenny Kravitz Miami House- The Stunning Views And Other Homes

The outstanding Rockstar Lenny Kravitz is well known for his soulful vocals and electrifying performances on stage. Lenny has always invested in the best masterpieces through his wealth. As per CelebStreaks, Lenny Kravitz Miami House is one of the charming properties that he owns. Moreover, being a musician, he also had a talent for commercial designing, from which he accumulated a triple net worth and became the richest celebrity in town.

Lenny Kravitz Biography

Real NameLeonard Albert Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz House4
Total Net Worth$90 Million
Born OnMay 26, 1964
Place Of BirthNew York City, U.S
ProfessionMusicians,Fashion Designer & others
Height5 Ft.8”

Lenny Kravitz Miami House

One of the best investments of the wealthy musician and exceptional artist includes the Lenny Kravitz Miami House. As per his other investments, Lenny loves tropical landscapes. Moreover, the Lenny Kravitz House Miami is worth $9 Million. The artist purchased it in 2001 and entitled ‘The Sunshine State Home of Lenny’. The house has been redesigned for the musician and is more like a villa . Moreover, there is a blend of artistic furniture and beautiful texture.

The house has a 100 feet waterfront located on Biscayne Bay. Moreover, the house’s exterior is made up of Calcutta marble, and the living room is worth a view. Moreover, the house gives the Atlantic Ocean view as well. It is a 3500 square feet area which gives mesmerizing views of the bay. Additionally, the house is white painted with wooden tables in the dining.


Additionally, the sunset island home is 12000 square feet and has a 125 feet front. Moreover, the best part of Lenny Kravitz Miami House is its private beach, dock, and saltwater pool. It boasts six bedrooms with 11 luxurious bathrooms. In addition, the guest house of Lenny’s home includes a wiggly touch. Moreover, there is a huge cinematic theatre in the house’s basement. The house’s architecture includes a steel and wood staircase with glass railings. This gives the Lenny Kravitz Miami House a tremendous modern look. The mansion makes headlines because of its sleek design and ocean views.

Lenny Kravitz Brazil Farm

Lenny, a talented musician, always hops on different locations when it comes to his residence. However, Lenny Kravitz Miami house is one of the excellent investments he made within his huge net worth. Contrarily the farm is yet another outstanding property. Moreover, Lenny is an iconic star in the world of music and fashion, and people want to know where Lenny Kravitz lives now?. When it is off-season, he loves to spend time at the Lenny Kravitz Bahamas home in Rio de Janeiro, brazil.

Undoubtedly it is a huge space lying on 1000 acres of land. In the 18th century, it was an agricultural land used for coffee plantations. You can imagine how amazing this mansion cum farmhouse is! Almost a decade ago, Kravitz was fascinated with the country Brazil for its beautiful landscape. When the Lenny Kravitz Bahamas house was under contract, he bought an open plot that he customized and designed according to his choices. Even though you might have envisioned a large green field farmhouse till now, add up to your visions. His house is full of modern amenities, which makes it a sparkling dream place to live for many.


Pondering over the house’s architecture, Lenny incorporated a cool and soothing swimming pool with a cabana, a well-equipped gym, and an outdoor sitting area. Moreover, the rooms within the area cope with a specialized recording studio where the musician enjoyed a major chunk of his lockdown era. In addition, Lenny’s home is loathed in a small town, Eleuthera, which has an ocean backdrop and a natural environment with peaceful surroundings all over. The house is beautifully carved with pretty artwork and stylish finishing decor. There is a casita within this house, depicting a tropical heaven. Moreover, it is an exotic slice of a Brazilian farm compound.

Lenny Kravitz House Paris

With so many location houses, fans always question him for his last residence. Moreover, the entire fanbase of the artist is very curious to know where Lenny Kravitz live. In that case, Lenny stayed at the French capital house in Paris for 30 years, worth $183,445. It was originally built in the 1920s as the U.S. Embassy in France. It was a large building with eight bedrooms and four floors. Moreover, Lenny bagged it with artwork and beautiful design architecture. He uses this pace to get rid of the daily hustle of life. There are several rooms within the Lenny Kravitz house where the master suite is the focal point. The house has marble floors with big chandeliers, and the bathrooms include marble soaking tubs.

Early Life 

Leonard Albert Kravitz was born in New York City, U.S., on May 26, 1964. He was born to a beautiful actress mother, Roxie Roker, and an NBC news producer father, SY. His family is all into the media industry, due to which he built the passion to become a celebrity as well. When he was just 3, he made music using pots and pans. When he turned 5, he wanted to be a professional musician. While he grew up into adulthood, he started playing guitar and drums while listening to several music genres.

Initially, he studied at the P.S. elementary school and later moved to Los Angeles, where he studied at the Beverly Hills School. He created the stage name ‘Romeo Blue’ for his beginning career but performed on roadsides. However, his hard work leads him to release his first album in the 1980s. From this point, his vocals never took a pause, and he eventually won multiple Grammy awards for best rock performer. Moreover, he received other awards for his hit albums and singles.

Lenny Kravitz Net Worth

After a successful decades-long career, Lenny Kravitz has been the apple of the eye in the entertainment industry. As per CelebStreaks research, his net worth currently is $90 Million. Moreover, his music, alongside his business ventures at Lenny Kravitz Inc., brought him a lot of wealth. Lenny Kravitz Miami house was his best investment, and he invested in other properties within Brazil, Bahamas, Paris and others for millions. In a nutshell, the musician did not bind himself to one industry only, which helped him get exposure to more features of life and accumulate enough wealth and fame throughout his career.

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