Lana Del Rey Malibu House- A Peek Inside The Coastal Retreat

Lana Del Rey is a young enigmatic American retro pop singer and songwriter. She has gained massive success for her unique and outclass vocals. CelebStreaks noticed that she is best known for her gloomy lyrics. However, her original fashion trends and iconic style that she follows made Lana Del Rey Malibu House also make headlines. Additionally, she has a huge fanbase who are crazy for her albums and singles. She has been producing some of the best pieces of music in the industry since 2011 and has become a global artist.

Lana Del Ray Biography

Real NameElizabeth Woolridge Grant
Lana Del Ray House3
Total Net Worth$30 Million
Born OnJune 21, 1985
Place Of BirthManhattan, New York, United States
ProfessionSinger & Songwriter
Height5 Ft. 7”

Lana Del Rey Malibu House History

To begin with, Lana Del’s Malibu home was originally built in 1957. It was previously owned by Red Skeleton, a legendary comedian and actor. However, after he kicked the bucket, David Zelon, a renowned writer and producer, took over the beautiful mansion. However, Lana Del Rey Malibu house was owned by her in 2018. The Malibu House has an excellent pacific ocean view, making it worth living. Moreover, the design of the house is more like a mid-century modern home. 

In addition,  Lana Del Rey Malibu home has three bedrooms with three luxurious bathrooms and lies on an area of 2800 square feet. She is very fond of antiquity, as per which Lana Del Rey Malibu house interior is adorned with vintage furniture. It even has a 1940s chandelier and a propeller wood coffee table. Additionally, the customized kitchen has multiple counters and cabinets with pastel themes and Icelandic paints. Moreover, the fitting is stainless steel.

Luxurious Amenities

However, the family room is a luxurious, relaxing place connecting a living space with a customized wine bar. Furthermore, the main bedroom includes a cozy fireplace with glass sliding doors. Alongside the house’s exterior has a stunning outdoor seating space where she hosts big get-togethers. Lana Del Rey Beach house has a pool surrounded by palm trees, giving a view of the famous rich beach. It is the most relaxing and soothing house in the entire neighborhood. Moreover, there is a Bar B Que corner with a cozy fire pit for bonfires in winter. Furthermore, an outdoor shower gives the perfect look to the outdoor space.

Lana Del Ray Malibu House Location

As far as the exact location of Lana’s house is concerned, it is located in the Malibu colony near the Malibu pier, guarded by security. Moreover, Lana Del Rey address is a house close to the city. It makes the home accessible for the people, which is unsafe for the artist herself. However, it is assumed that such a beautiful is not worth leaving. Moreover,  It is a $3 Million beachfront property to be secure and safe from paparazzi. However, lying in the exclusive colony, this luxurious home is a perfect location for secluded living.

Where Does Lana Del Ray live?

Initially built in  1936, the Los Angeles house was redesigned into an elegant mansion after Lana bought it. The Lana Del Ray Los Angeles House has been upgraded to incorporate six bedrooms and the same number of decorated bathrooms. The master bedroom has a luxurious tub with double sinks, a vanity, and a shower tray. Moreover, there is a customized fireplace within as well. In addition, the kitchen is the spotlight of Lana’s house. It covers a massive space with double stoves and a chrome backsplash. However, the pantry and the asking oven have been specially designed to fulfill her baking hobby. Moreover, a dining space with oversized granite seating connects with the kitchen. She has secured the borders with electric fencing; however, it is located near the hills, giving an eye-appealing morning view.

Lana Del Rey House Studio City 

People who especially adore their favorite celebrities are curious about where they live. However, the actual address is unrevealed, but Lana bought a $1.2 Million home where Lana Del Rey live from 2016 onwards. It is a 2829-square-foot property with a spacious living room and a modest kitchen. Moreover, the high off ceilings and hardwood flooring together make a vibe of her house. It is located in studio city situated on the hilltop. However, the formal dining area of the house is not surprising as her flavor for property architecture was clear from Lana Del Rey Malibu house. Additionally, the house’s backyard has a swimming pool and lush green plants. Moreover, she enjoys a dip in the pool with a beautiful landscape all around.

Lan Del Ray Net Worth

The American singer has amassed a lot of fame and gathered immense love from the audience. Lana released some award-winning hit music albums such as ‘Summertime sadness,’ ‘Ultraviolence,’ Honeymoon ’ and others. Alongside, she has built a tremendous real estate profile after becoming a global artist. As per CelebStreaks research, Lana Del Rey Malibu house made huge headlines after her success in the music industry. 

The paparazzi went crazy over her as she was also a good-looking and gorgeous lady. However, Fans used to jump over her fences to meet her once. However, her luxurious and comfortable estates have made her houses exclusive in every community she lives. People call her a ‘Perfectionist’ while there is much more to come for her in the future. Additionally, he is an influential figure in the music industry as she is well known for her gangsta style. Consequentially, her hit albums have made her the top artist of the generation.

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