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Jordan Peele Net Worth – The Horror Comic Genre Empire Artisan

Jordon Peele is America’s top most influential human being. He initiated his versatile presence with sketch comedy and rendered his filmmaking and film directing talents to beef up his net worth. Moreover, Peele performed brilliantly in exclusive comedy and horror genres. Moreover, he simultaneously released some of the best masterpieces in the film industry and worked in the most popular comedy series ‘key and Peele’.

To know more about the multitalented individual, read below about Jordan Peele net worth!

Jordan Peele Biography

Net Worth $50 Million
Real NameJordon Haworth Peele
Born OnFebruary 21, 1979
Place Of BirthUSA
ProfessionActor And FilmMaker
Height 5 FT. 9”
Annual Salary $5 Million+
Updated: ✅

Early Life

Jordon Haworth Peele was born on February 21, 1979. Peele’s parents spliced into an interracial marriage. However, his single mother raised him in New York City while his father was away most of his childhood. Peele got his early education from Calhoun High School. Moreover, he was passionate about performing arts and films from a very early age. 

Furthermore, he enrolled himself at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. He was studying puppetry and comedy at the college. However, he dropped out of college within two years to pursue his professional comedy career. Peele formed a comedy duo with his roommate Rebecca Drysdale. 


Peele commenced his career by performing Improv with Boom Chicago in Amsterdam and Second City in Chicago. In 2002, he also hosted MTV’s ‘Comedy Weekend’ show. However, his talents opened up prosperous gateways for Peele the following year. He was cast in the biggest comedy sketch series, ‘MADTv’.

However, on the sets of this show, he met Keegan Michael Key, the historical writer and co-worker for the legendary show ‘Key &Peele’.When Peele was working with MADTv, he created an unmatchable imitation of famous individuals like Ja Rule, Justin Gurini and Barack Obama. However, after working for five seasons in the show, Peele decided to pursue the acting line at the end of his season 13 Contract with MADTv.

In 2007, Peele recorded a music video, ‘Sad 50 Cent’, in rivalry with Kanye West, for which the former got nominated at the Emmy Awards. Additionally, he continued performing minor roles in multiple movies and TV Shows. Some prominent ones are Little Fockers, Children’s Hospital, Wanderlust and others.

Key And Peele

In 2012, Key accompanied Peel in creating their historical duo comedy show ‘Key and Peele’.It received immense support from the audience and secured billions of online views on YouTube.The duo aired almost 53 episodes in a five-season series until 2015. Without a doubt, this show was a massive hit. The duo achieved two primetime awards and one Peabody award for the lionized show.

Besides that, in 2014, Peele landed a major role in Fargo season one. Following in 2016, Key and Peele collaboratively produced and directed the action comedy film ‘Keanu’ which grossed over $20.7 Million at the box office. After this tremendous success, Peele decided to continue his filmmaking career perpetually.

‘Peele’ The King Of Horror Genre

Jordon’s primary intention in creating the film was to represent the black community. He starred black actors to strengthen the communal base. However, in 2017, Peele directed his first debut film, ‘Get Out’.This film received an immensely positive response from the audience. 

Moreover, people labelled this film as a masterpiece based on the direction, screenplay and protagonist performance. Subsequently, Peel made above $100 Million for this highest-grossing horror film on a $4.5 Million budget. He became the first black director cum writer for a successful debut feature. 

Moreover, Get Out universally made $255 million and collected nominations for the best director, picture and original screenplay at the 2018 academy awards. He also received another Academy Award the same year for producing the best film ‘Blackkklansman’ grossing over $93.4 Million. After 2018 he released and produced back-to-back films.

The Universal Deal

In 2019, Jordan peele signed a 9-figure contract with the well-known ‘Universal Pictures’.He inked the deal to keep up his production company for five years. Contrary to the other production policies, Peele will receive his payment annually respective to the milestones with a large potential bonus.

Peele And His Fame Game

In 2019, Peele directed and produced his second horror thriller named ‘US’, through which he made a handsome amount of $255 Million on a minor budget of $20 Million. Peele’s career blossomed in the filmmaking industry. Consequently, Peele, for his prodigious career, received considerable attention from the audience and dynamic awards for his work.

Following this, in 2021, Peele was the co-producer and co-writer of the gothic horror film Candyman Sequel. The next year, Peele’s ‘Nope’ received a worldwide appraisal for the cinematography and direction. It grossed over $171 Million with a $68 million budget which is a huge success.

Undoubtedly, Peele’s two famous productions made him an extraordinarily successful and well-known filmmaker in the Hollywood industry.

Jordan Peele Net Worth

The outstanding filmmaker and actor collect a mind-boggling net worth of $50 Million. Surprisingly, all of his fame and money came from his two spectacular films in the horror-thriller genre. Moreover, he also made a considerable income from the sketch comedy series ‘Key and Peele’.

Moreover, the artist recognized his talents at the right time and became successful in both fields. However, the filmmaking industry proved to be fruitful for him. In this way, Peele’s confidence in his abilities made him the wealthiest artist in the Hollywood industry today.

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