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Jamarcus Russell Net Worth- The Sea Of GOAT To A Bust

JaMarcus Russell is a legendary athlete who was the first pick in the NFL in 2007. The tall guy grasped million-dollar contracts during his professional football career. Moreover, Russell, in the particular generation, is labeled ‘the G.O.A.T’ of the quarterbacks. With his unbeatable talents and originality, he achieved dynamic awards and diverse achievements in his life.

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Jamarcus Russell Biography 

Net Worth$4 Million
Real NameJaMarcus Trennel Russelllll
Born On9th August 1985
Place Of BirthMobile, Alabama
ProfessionAmerican Footballer
Height6 Ft. 6”
Annual Salary $0.5 Million

Early Life

JaMarcus Trennel Russell was born in Mobile, Alabama, on 9th August 1985. The guy was raised in a financially unstable environment by a factory laborer and a law secretary. Football runs in his blood as some prominent family members of the Athlete are notable players.

Additionally, he got enrolled in Lillie B. Williamson high school. During this era, he was into football games happening at school and never missed a game in four years. From a very tender age, Russelllll became a pro footballer. In his senior year, his first achievement was during his junior year when he took his team to the semi-finals. Moreover, he completed 180 out of 324 passes for 2638 yards with 20 touchdowns.

Russell’s Records

Throughout his high school years, Russell accomplished 10,774 yards, a record in Alabama. After his graduation, he attended Louisiana State University. There he participated in the annual American college football bowl game in new Orleans, Louisiana. 

Fortunately, he became the quarterback champion and won the hype of the audience after winning the competition. Apart from that, he received the MVP ‘Sugar Bowl Award’ for his outstanding contribution to the event.

Early Career

Russell initiated his career in 2003, from the very early days of his school, and continued with it until university. When he won ‘Sugar bowl’ ,he captured massive attention from the public. He was part of over 30 games with multiple football achievements in his three-year career. After his third year at the university, his stats made him appear in the eyes of the NFL directors.

Russell is a six feet tall and wide Athlete, which gave him an advantage at several points of his game. When he agreed to join the NFL, he was expecting a lot. Lane Kiffin, the league’s coach at that time, launched the player two years after he joined.

NFL Bust

In December 2007, Russell was the highest NFL contract of $70 Million. However, several team owners criticized him, but he is still the highest-paid NFL member. After the critiques, Russell inked for the next season of the NFL, in which he got attacked twice in the final game and was quite clumsy in his play. In 2008, Russell’s struggle continued as he lost his excellent athlete streak, but he started improving himself eventually after this year.

Furthermore, in 2009, he again appeared at the training camp with an overweight physical size and was reluctant to make a comeback. As a matter of fact, innate motivations made him consider the $68 million contract with Oakland Raiders for six years. At that time, he collected $39 Million as his salary from the agreement. Additionally, after his NFL career and Oakland contract, he made $100,000 per season.

Jamarcus Russell Achievements 

Manning Award (2006)
First-team All-SEC (2006)
BCS national champion (2003)
Alabama Mr. Football (2002)


When Russell was released from the Oakland Raiders in 2010, he made $40 Million from his rookie contract. In 1996, his 2007 NFL draft got tagged as the weakest among all quarterbacks. Unfortunately, the Athlete lost his reputation due to his demotivation and demoralizing environment. From a swift footballer to a retired football player, JaMarcus lost a lot.

However, Russell is the official quarterback coach at the Lillie B. Williamson high school, sponsored by local businesses. He does not publicize his sponsorships and endorsement deals due to privacy reasons.

Charity Work

During his peak career days, Russell founded a charity organization ‘The JaMacus Russell Foundation For Academic And Athletics’. This initiative supported the children and youth in the hometown area of the Athlete. In previous years, rumors say that the foundation is no more on the charity maps due to financial breakdowns of Russell.

Jamarcus Russell Net Worth

JaMarcus faced wretched foreclosures due to his retirement from his football career and contract slippages. As of now, he has a net worth of $4 Million. Although he created sparkling highlights in his early career, he dropped his net worth due to his financial troubles. However he is humbly living as a high school coach, but he is labeled as the biggest ‘Bust’ in the football playground.

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