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Chamillionaire Net Worth – How Did The Rapper Transform Into A Wealthy Entrepreneur?

Hakem Temidayo Sekiri, also known as Chamillionaire, is a successful multi-talented American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. His stage name Chamillionaire is an amalgamation of two words, ‘chameleon’ and ‘millionaire’. Besides his bright music career, he has earned it from diverse business ventures and investments.

Chamillionaire, alongside his brother Rasaq Sekiri, decided to devote his life to music in his early teens. He is flourishing in the American music scenarios with a substantial net worth.

Read more about how this extraordinary human made his lifestyle lavish and worth it!

Chamillionaire Net Worth

Net Worth$50 Million
Real NameHakem Temiyado Sekiri
Born OnNovember 28 ,1979
ProfessionRapper and Entrepreneur
Height5 ft 9”
Annual Salary$4.17 Million

Early Life

Hakem Sekiri was born on November 28, 1979, to an interreligious married couple in Washington, D.C., United States. More than his real name, people recognize him by his stage name, ‘Chamillionaire’. His family moved to Houston, Texas, when he was just three years of age. Moreover, his education took place at Jersey Village high school, where he developed an interest in rap music.

Initially, he started his career in the late 1990s as a hip-hop rapper with his brother Rasaq Sekiri also known as ‘Rasaq Boy’, and a fellow friend, rapper ‘Paul Wall’. Chamillionaire decided to create a music group with his friend in his early teens. He gained the audience’s attention early in his career because of some international hits and albums.

Music Career

Sekiri, alongside his friend, created a music group called ‘The Color Changin’ Click’. They got early promotions through a well-known DJ,’ Michael 500 Watts’. They convinced him to promote his company Swishahouse. Alongside their freestyle rap intro on his radio show Houston hip-hop station KBXX-FM. The intimate bond between both friends gave them a successful kickstart.

In 2001, they released the first conjoined studio project. It was a mix tape named ‘Ace Ventura’. Following this release, they released eight more mixtapes and two collaborative albums known as ‘Get Ya Mind Correct’ and ‘Controversy Sells’.

Undoubtedly, these albums were the boom creators for both young rappers. Within one month of its release, it sold almost 150 000 copies. After this, both of them announced the persuasion of their solo careers. Moreover, Chamillionaire’s distinct style of overlapping and melody together bore him fame.

The Era Of ‘Chamilitary Entertainment’

Fortunately, Sekiri’s ultimate success took place in the era of the 2000s. He was able to file a recording deal with ‘Universal Records’. Ultimately he founded his own music release label company ‘Chamilitary Entertainment’. Within 2004, he released his first wildly successful, most-bought mixtape in Texas history named ‘The mixtape Messiah’. It featured 61 Tracks on 3 CDs.

The first solo project was released with the name ‘The Sound Of Revenge’ in 2005, which sold 80000 copies in one week. On top of this, it debuted on the billboard 200 album chart in the U.S. the Recording Industry Association Of America gave it a platinum certification. Moreover, the award-winning track ‘Ridin’ was also a part of this album.

Awards And Nominations

Grammy Award for the best rap performance
American Music Awards
Ozone Awards
MTV Music Awards
BET Awards

In 2007, his second album’ Ultimate Victory’ was released, featuring the guest appearance of Lil Wayne, Lloyd, Devin The Dude, and UGK. The lead single ‘Creepin’, peaked at number 1 on the hip-hop singles chart. Furthermore, in 2010, he released a fresh track, ‘The Main Event,’ during the NBA All-Star Game.

It featured big names like Paul Wall, Slim Thug, and Dorrogh. From 2004 to 2011, Chamillionaire witnessed the utmost success in his music career. He earned millions of dollars through his mixtapes, albums, and solo tracks. Moreover, he built a reputation for being a triumphant rapper, singer, vocalist, and genuine whole music artist.

Business Ventures

Besides his successful music career, Chamillionaire invested in multiple business ventures. With his colossal hit tracks, he is also labeled a successful entrepreneur.

Surprisingly, he dived into another air in 2009, and his interest lay in tech grounds very much. Following this, Chamillionaire has earned around $10 Million from the automobile and Tech industry. In 2003, he invested in FlyRydes, a Houston-based automobile dealer specializing in customized cars. He founded the modeling company Masterpiece Mind Frame with the launching of the Global Innovation Tournament in 2009 as a part of the Stanford Seminar.

Chamillionaire Net Worth In previous 4 years

Net Worth In 2020$20 Million
Net Worth In 2021$28 Million
Net Worth In 2022$40 Million
Net Worth In 2023$50 Million

In the early days of his career, he founded his record label, Chamilitary entertainment. Before any other company, he launched artists such as Lil Ken, Yung Ro,50/50 Twin, Rasaq Sekiri, and Troy Henry. This company has almost 20 releases. It was a joint distribution with Universal Record until 2011 and became independent after separation.

With all these dynamic ventures, he also built his career with star power and celebrity patronage. He invested in Maker Studios as a partner with Mark Suster. It is an online video talent network that Disney acquired at $1 Billion. Chamillionaire invested $1.5 Million and got a vastly profitable payout sale of around $ 50 Million four years later. He devoted his life to music and invested in entrepreneurial ventures to keep his interest alive.

Sekiri’s Entrepreneurial Epoch

Moreover, in 2013 he invested in a self-driving automation tech company which was sold at $1 Billion to General Motors in 2016, leaving a tremendous profit behind. By 2018, he had a robust entrepreneurial portfolio, including a home security system ring later acquired by Amazon and the ride-sharing app LYFT for giving rides to other musicians and individuals. He also created the Convoz app to motivate collaborations and real-time video conversations among people.

In addition, Chamillionaire is very much fond of cars. He holds a fantastic car collection, including the customized 1967 Plymouth Fury. It has 4800 RPM horsepower with a two-door body and multiple premium features. The entrepreneurial rapper also owns a Dodge Durango SRT AWD worth $70,000. Moreover, he also has a customized Chevy Impala, which is around $30,000.

The wealthy American rapper has a Cameleon diamond stud chain worth $100,000 with bright double rows of solitaire diamonds. With all this said, his ultimate shift from rapping to business has a strong motive behind it. Chamillionaire is not into earning loads of money for himself but wants to pave the way for the upcoming youngsters and solidify the music industry simultaneously.

Chamillionaire Net Worth

With all the successful tracks and albums, Chamillionaire, alongside his business ventures, has a net worth of $50 Million with an annual salary of roughly $4.7 Million. Moreover, his net worth has increased on the graphs with his unlimited prosperous plans and investments.

In a nutshell, Chamillionaire presently appears to be occasionally rapping. However, his career was about something other than trends but evergreen music. Moreover, his multi-talented personality and 20+ year career inspire other artists in the industry. He represents himself as a founder and an entrepreneur more than a rapper. Without a doubt, all his releases made him a lot of dollars which he is investing in worthwhile causes. Ultimately his success, achievements, and efforts are undoubtedly commendable.

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