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Bill Burr Net Worth- The Comedy Breakthrough Of The Artist

Bill Burr net worth, an all-in-one comedy brand and the ‘Breaking Bad’ star, exhibits his versatility as a stand-up comedian, actor, Podcast host, and writer at a time. Burr is a mortal who has been making other humans smile for more than two decades with his perfectly timed jokes. Moreover, he hooks his audience with his outstanding acting skills and has grasped several awards for his innate talents. Although he is a genuinely skilled professional in the industry, his humble character has enlisted him under the wealthiest individuals across the globe with an abundant net worth.

Let’s slip into some peculiar details as to how Bill Burr net worth reached heights!

Bill Burr Biography

Net Worth$14 Million
Real NameWilliam Fredrick Burr
Born OnJune 10th 1968
Place Of BirthCanton, Massachusetts
ProfessionStand Up Comedian And Actor
Height5 Ft. 10”
Annual Salary$1 Million+

Early Life 

William Fredrick Burr was born in Canton, Massachusetts, on June 10th, 1968. He belongs to a medical family, with his mother a nurse and his father a dentist. In 1987, Burr graduated from the local high school and enrolled in Emerson College Boston. He finished off his bachelor’s degree in radio in 1993.Moreover, from his early childhood, he was passionate about becoming a professional artist.

Early Jobs

In Burr’s era of early life, he fulfilled multiple common jobs at Earnest.However, he worked at warehouses where he used to drink down the rage of his rude bosses without saying a word. While in college, he figured out a few comedy whereabouts in Boston.

Burr’s first ever involvement in the comedy challenge was at Nick’s comedy shop for the ‘Best College Comedian’ in 1992. Additionally, he did some open mic nights at a few clubs afterwards. With comedy being of little interest in Boston, Burr moved to New York to begin his life and stand-up comedy career.

Comedy Career

Burr moved to New York for a strong kickstart to his career in the early days.Additionally, he started performing stand-up at late-night talk shows and talk shows aired on HBO and Comedy Central. Subsequently, he started releasing comedy specials, and his one-hour-long debut special was recorded at Filmmorse Sanfransico in 2010, ‘Let It Go’.The year 2012 was the star year for Burr. 

In 2012 his comedy series ‘You People Are All The Same’ premiered on Netflix.On top of it, he also got invited to Jerry Seinfeld’s show ‘Comedians in cars getting coffee’ in the same year.

Moreover, he co-founded a digital creator studio, ‘All things Comedy’ Similarly, in 2014, his Netflix series ‘I’m Sorry you feel that way’ premiered. Following up in 2015, his animated show ‘F is for Family’ was released on Netflix, which was a nostalgic recording of his childhood memories and his life with his own Family. 

Bill Burr Comic Achievements 

In 2016, he got featured on the HBO series ‘Crashing’ where real-life comics were invited to perform at their best.Eventually, in 2017 came ‘Walk Your Way Out’, and in 2019 Netflix released ‘Paper Tiger’.In 2020, the series got nominations for ‘Best Comedy Album’ at Grammy Awards.Apart from his recorded projects, Burr performed in sketch comedies as well.Moreover, he appeared regularly in the comedy central ‘Chappelle’s Show’ and six episodes of ‘Kroll’s Show’.

Bill Burr Hit Comedy Shows

Why Do I Do This(2008)Madison Square Garden Live Show (2015)
‘You people Are all The Same(2012)Royal Albert (2018)
‘Im Sorry You Feel That Way(2014)Los Angeles Forum Show(2018)
Paper Tiger(2019)Wilbur theatre performances show
Live At Red Rocks(2022)                    –

Moreover, he also got the opportunity st appear as a guest on multiple radio shows in collaboration with other comedians. He is well known for his satirical and observatory comedy and got the label ‘Comedian’s Comedian’. Eventually following his idols like Patrice O’Neal, Richard Pryor, and Sam Kinison, he has been tagged as a distinctive comedic voice across the globe.

Acting Career

Despite Burr’s successful stand-up comedy career, he appears as an actor in some solid hit films, shows, and series. In 1996, he landed his first role in a sitcom ‘Townies’. Moreover, he was cast in the best Acting roles such as ‘Date Night’, ‘Black and white’ , Walk of shame’,’ Perfect fit’ and others. In 2008, his voice was featured in the ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’.

Additionally, after his role in ‘Law and order: Criminal Intent,’ he was offered a transformative role in ‘Breaking Bad’ in 2008. This brought him into the eyes of a diverse audience and increased his fandom. Ultimately, he bagged diverse roles in movies and shows. Moreover, in 2019, he achieved milestones in his acting career with his role in the Disney series ‘Mandalorian’.

Subsequently, in 2017, Netflix released Burr’s ‘Walk Your Way Out’ with a fifth hour-long special. In 2021, Burr won the Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding actor in a short-form comedy series ‘Immoral compass’, a dark comic anthology series.


Bill burr is well known for his outstanding podcasts. Since 2007, he has appeared in a weekly one-hour podcast ‘Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast’.This was aired on All Things Comedy and Burr’s Official website for 15 years straight. Apart from that, he also appeared as a guest on other people’s podcasts.

Burr made guest appearances on ‘The Adam Show’, ‘Nobody likes Oninons’, ‘Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast’, and others. In 2011, he co-hosted the ‘Babble up’ podcast with Ralph Garman. Since 2007, he has recorded a weekly one-hour podcast, ‘Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast’. Moreover, the podcast is available on Burr’s website and the All Things Comedy network.

 In 2019, Bill co-hosted another podcast with Bert Kreisher, another most loved comedian in America. The same year, he recorded his sixth one-hour special comedy series at London’s Royal Albert Hall. This show’s tickets were completely sold out. Moreover, burr travelled to cities to hold his comedy shows across the globe covering Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New Zealand, and others.

Bill Burr Hit Series

Date Night2010
Stand Up Guys 2012
The Heat2013
Walk Of Shame2014
Daddy’s Home 2015
The Front Runner2018
Breaking Bad(2008-2013)

Real Estate

Bill’s net worth is the sum of his comedy and Acting career. However, he invests his money in real estate for more money. In 2011, he bought a 2663 square feet house in Los Angeles where bigger names like Katty perry and Angelina Jolie reside. Additionally, he sold that house for $1.65 Million. Moreover, in 2017, Burr also purchased a $4.7 Million house in California. Apart from that, he owns a one-bedroom apartment in New York near the Acting studio training school.


Burr owns several luxurious cars, just like other celebrities. He bought his first car Jaguar FX Sports worth $47,000.Moreover, he has a Toyota Prius worth $27,450 and a Mercedes AMG Wagon, which costs $156,450.Apart from that, he has a pilot license as well. He has expertise in flying F-22 and F-44 helicopters.

Additionally, he has millions of followers on his social media accounts, making him money from his endorsements with companies like BETMGM.

Bill Burr Net Worth

Comedians and actors are labelled as the richest celebrities in the universe. Similarly, Bill Burr collects revenue from comedy, acting, and podcast playgrounds. He has a total net worth of $14 Millon, which makes him  $1 Million+ yearly. His comedy shows are always sold out. However, this is a portrayal of Burr’s real skills as a comedian. Moreover, his acting roles and innate abilities for hosting have brought him into the limelight. In a nutshell, from all those repressions he had in his early life, Burr has accomplished much with humility.

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