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Ben Affleck Net Worth – How The Hunk Has Been Earning Eight Figures Over The Years?

Ben Affleck is an Oscar-winning actor giving blockbuster hits from the 1990s until now. He is a multi-talented American artist acing the fields of acting, directing, and producing simultaneously. Affleck has been added to the list of most wealthy Hollywood actors making 8 figure earnings. He earned this title in the very early years of his career.

Let’s dive deep into the oceans of Affleck’s Net worth and learn more about his career!

Net Worth$150 Million
Real NameBenjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt
Born OnAugust 15 , 1972
ProfessionActor, Director and Producer
Height6 ft 3”
Annual Salary$20 Million +
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Early Life 

In the town of Berkley, California, Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt was born on august 15, 1972, to a playwright father and a school teacher mother. Moreover, in his early childhood, the financially struggling family moved and settled as permanent residents in Cambridge.

In the sparkling bits of Affleck’s life, he and his brother Casey visited theatres. They used to spend much of their time wondering about the artistic humans from childhood. Although Ben was neither pressurized nor did he think about pursuing acting as his carer. The love for arts was yet inside him from the very beginning.

The Damon Affleck Amity

When he was eight years old, he met Matt Damon. They both became friends but never knew they would hit off a blockbuster someday. While spending time with his friend, they eventually connected on their acting interests. Ultimately they started taking acting classes together. 

With time, they realized they were ready to launch their career in Hollywood. Moreover, he graduated in 1990 from the Cambridge Rindge and Latin school. After that, he started his professional acting career with minor roles.


Beginning with Ben Affleck’s early career, his first acting job was in a local film as a child artist. Until 15, Ben starred in multiple Children’s shows such as ‘Voyage of the Mimi’ and the ‘Second Voyage Of The Mimi’. In addition, he appeared in the ABC after-school special show ‘Wanted: A perfect man’ alongside the tele movie ‘Hands of a stranger’ respectively.

After his graduation, he played multiple minor roles in the early 1990s. He made a spell in a 16-minute short comedy ‘Killed My Lesbian Wife’ as his first stardom in performing parts which gave him fame. Due to his heavy physical appearance, he was primarily assigned the roles of bully and jock. Some of his movies include ‘Daddy’, the legendary film ‘Dazed and Confused’ and ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’ in 1991 and 1992, respectively.

In addition, he also played the role of a football athlete in ‘Against The Grain’ and ‘Body to die for: The Aaron Henry story’. Ultimately in 1995, he also played a supporting role in the movie ‘School Ties’. After all these tidbit roles, Ben and his friend Matt decided to make a hit film.

The Popout Of The Legendary ‘Good Will Hunting’ 

Initially, Matt Damon was a Harvard student. Once, he got a lengthy assignment in his playwriting class. He then wrote the script for the legendary movie ‘Good Will Hunting’. When Affleck and Damon started living together in Los Angeles, they wanted to eliminate minor roles from their career. However, their ambition was to expand the screenplay and take hands-on experience with everything themselves. Once they finished the script, their agent took it to several studios, and Miramax accepted the deal to release the film.

Ben Affleck Awards

Golden Globe Award
Academy Award For Best Original Screenplay
Producers Guild Award
Director Guild Award

With all the hard tries and efforts, the award-winning movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ was released in 1997 with a substantial overnight success of $250 Million. Affleck and Damon gave outstanding performances in the film, which everyone admired. Both of them received $300, 000 for this film. Following this hit, Affleck started receiving offers for more prominent roles.

The Rise Of Ben Affleck

After this movie, in 1998, his performance in Armageddon solidified his career. These two films gave rise to the era of Ben Affleck. He started performing back-to-back in cinema until the 2000s. To begin with, ‘Pearl Harbour’ brought him a $250,000 payday, and Ben made $6 million from the movie Reindeer Games. Moreover ‘Shakespeare in love’, ‘Changing Lanes’ and ‘The Sum Of All Fears’ made him $10 Million each.

From 2003 to 2006, Affleck acted in popular movies like ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Gigli’ which brought him $11.5 Million and $12.5 Million, respectively. In addition, Affleck worked in ‘Gone Babe Gone’, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’, and ‘Hollywoodland’. He received multiple awards during this span of his career.

Ben Affleck Net Worth In Previous 3 years

Net worth In 2021$115 Million
Net worth In 2022$140 Million
Net worth In 2023$150 Million

Skipping a few years, Ben got into movie direction to a great extent. He produced, starred, and co-directed the film ‘Argo’ in 2012 with George Colony, for which he received the BAFTA award. From 2014 to 2016, Ben got into thriller roles for mega-hit films, including ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Batman VS Superman: Dawn Of Justice’.

Moreover, Affleck was already an eight-figure earner during this time; however, he got around $43 Million for the Box office hit Batman vs superman, which grossed globally at $873 Million.

Professional Gambling

It has been rumored that the hit actor Affleck does professional gambling. In 2004, he earned around $356,400 for winning the California State Poker Championship. Moreover, he played high-stakes poker games and participated in world poker tournaments. In the 2000s, alongside De Caprio and Maguire, Affleck has been participating in Molly bloom high stakes poker games.

Real Estate 

Ben has owned multiple properties since the early 2000s. In 2003, Affleck bought a $7 Million 87 acre estate in Savanah. Ben Affleck spent almost $17.55 Million for an LA Pacific Palisades home in 2009. Later, this mansion was sold for $32 Million to Adam Levine, the Maroon 5 singer, in 2019.

 In 2018, Ben moved into another Pacific Palisades $19 Million property that he has listed for sale at $30 Million after splitting with his former wife. After Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage in 2022, they lived in a $60 Million home waiting for Lopez’s house remodeling.

Cars Collection

Ben Affleck net worth includes a dynamic car collection as well. From a $230,000 Lamborghini Urus and $111,000 Mercedes Benz S Class to a $316,000 Bentley Mulsanne and $190,000 Bentley Bentayaga, he owns a worthy bunch of cars.

Charity Works And ECI

Apart from being an excellent actor, Affleck is into a lot of charity and activism. In 2010, Ben Affleck founded a non-profit organization named ‘The Eastern Congo Initiative(ECI)’ for farmer training and to raise public awareness about legislative changes. In addition, in 2013, he met Joe Kindregan with a rare condition of Ataxia-Telangiectasia. 

Ben and his former wife raised double donations for the A-T condition for children project. Moreover, he is a strong supporter of the midnight mission, which is an organization for homeless people. Also, he has been volunteering for multiple documentaries in support of the disabled and worked for feeding America campaigns during the pandemic.

Ben Affleck Net Worth

The versatile American actor has a total net worth of $150 Million. Moreover, his collaborations with his childhood friend gave rise to his unbeatable career. Apart from that, Kevin Smith proved to be a prosperous director for Ben. Undoubtedly, Affleck is a complete package of physical looks and outstanding performances throughout. He is considered the wealthiest worthy actor in the Hollywood industry and is looking forward to more success.

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