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Amber Heard Net Worth – From A Successful Career To A Messy Personal Life

Amber Laura Heard, a young American rom-com to a construction business tycoon father, David Clinton Heard, was born on April 22, 1986, in Austin, Texas. She has been slaying in her existence since then. As far as her education is concerned, Heard is a Catholic High School dropout. Moreover, she became cynical about her religion due to the Texan lifestyle and traumas that occupied her mind in her early teens.

Heard grew up with a single sibling riding horses, fishing, and hunting. She moved cities to amplify her career and married Johnny Depp, simultaneously creating a disaster for her life and career. Curious to know more about her? Eye down the whole post.

Amber Heard Net Worth

Net Worth$ 6 Million
Real NameAmber Laura Heard
Born OnApril 22 ,1986
Country United States Of America
Height5 foot 8”
ProfessionModel And Actress
Annual Salary $ 1 Million
Updated ✅

Early Life 

From a very early age, Heard was very much into reading. Additionally, her favorite authors are Ayne Rand, George Orwell, and Ray Bradbury. Amber Heard faced twisted mental health that became her life’s turning point.

 With a delightful childhood, her early teens bumped her to the core. When she was 16, she attended high school like a typical teen. However, she lost her best friend at 16, became disenchanted with religion, and started pursuing atheism.

Heard And Her Dubet Hit

Moreover, at 17, she participated in multiple beauty pageants in her high school era and won numerous titles. After the tragic incident with her friend, she dropped out of high school and moved to New York for fresh beginnings. Subsequently, Heard initiated her career as a model in New York with a home program diploma.

After spending some good time in the modeling industry, Heard  decided to transition towards the acting industry. Moreover, she worked in multiple music videos, and ultimately Ashe starred her in her first debut film, ‘Friday Night Lights’ in 2004, which was a huge hit.


Amber Heard is more known for her acting rather than her modeling. Surprisingly, Heard, alongside her acting career, also has a tremendous modeling career. In her teens, she was on the front page of popular magazines “Elle, Glamour, G.Q., and Marie and Claire” with her killer looks.

Additionally, the American model and actress worked in multiple projects, which gave her fame in 2008. People started noticing her when she appeared in music videos for Kenny Chesnet in 2003 and Eisley in 2005. Amber Heard began to act in TV Shows such as ‘Jack &Bobby,’ ‘The Mountain’’Criminal Minds’ ‘Californication’ and ‘The O.C’.

The Pineapple Express Rollercoaster

The audience admired her teenage acting to the fullest after her first debut in 2004. During this timeline, she appeared in a comedy broadcast ‘Pineapple Express’ in 2008 against James Franco and Seth Rogen, which grossed over $100 Million. In the same year, Heard starred in ‘Never Back Down,’ another box office hit with a gross amount of $50 Million.

Additionally, she has a 20-year-long career in which she played roles in hit Hollywood films. Such as “Machete Kills, Aquaman, Syrup, Drop Dead Sexy, Alpha Dog,” etc.

Amber Heard Net Worth In The Previous 5 Years

Net Worth In 2019$8 Million
Net Worth In  2020$9 Million
Net Worth In  2021$12 Million
Net Worth In  2022$13 Million
Net Worth In  2023$ 6 Million

The First Bunch-Up

At the beginning of 2009, Heard starred in different hit-and-flop films. During this time, the movie ‘Zombieland’ was a significant turning point for Heard. She started focussing on individualistic films such as ‘The River’, ‘ Why Exterminators’ and ‘The Ward.’

In 2011, she first interacted with Johnny Depp on the sets of ‘The Rum Diary.’ It was a follow-up film from Hunter S. Thompson’s book and did not receive many positive reviews. With the year 2015, in turn, Heard had a prosperous era. She appeared in big hit films such as ‘The Danish Girl, Magic Mie XXL, and One More Time’

Following up, 2017 was the year that created a significant mark in her career. She joined the D.C. Extended Universe and played her lead character in the movie ‘Justice League’ and other Warner Brother projects. In addition, 2018 was the year of ‘Aquaman’, the superhero film. It was one of the year’s highest-grossing films, with a $1.148 Billion gross, and Heard made over $1 Million from it. 

Additionally, she earned $10 Million from the sequels as well. Amber Heard has acted in approximately 30 movies and has many projects lined up. After she made a mark in the film industry, she paid almost $570,000 for a property in Yucca Valley, California. She sold it for $1.05 Million in July 2022 at a double profit.

Heard And Activism

Besides her successful acting career, Heard is well known for her activism. Surprisingly she supported the LGBTQ community at most. Though she welcomed a daughter from a surrogate mother in 2010, she was proven bisexual in the AfterEllen interview.

Apart from this, in 2018, Heard involved herself in multiple social and political issues. She is a supporter of amnesty International and participates in their campaigns. Interestingly, she spoke up for domestic violence in 2018 for the American Civil Liberties Union.

Heard is a prominent figure working for the Art of Elysium organization for sick children. Moreover, in 2019, during the civil war, she traveled with the Syrian American Medical Society to help Syrian refugees as well.

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard 

After her first interaction with Johnny Depp in 2011, they tied the knot in 2015. However, within one year of their marriage, Heard filed a divorce against her husband.

 An evident reason for this divorce is that Heard Has been rumored to have relationships with men and women lately. However, she does not publicly accept this fact. She accused Depp of domestic abuse, which he denied, but Heard’s legal team proved the abuse in court with evidence.

By 2017, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had a divorce settlement in which Heard received $7 Million, custody of two dogs, a horse with a Range Rover, and a Ford Mustang after the finalization. Heard even dated Elon Musk until 2018 and later had a relationship with Bianca Butti until 2021. The former couple has a joint Condo in Los Angeles for sale at $1.765 Million.

Amber Heard Vs. Johnny Depp Defamation Case

In April 2018, the newsgroup of the United Kingdom referred to Depp as a ‘wife beater.’ In 2019 Johnny sought a $50 million settlement with Amber Heard for the Virginia defamation case. The lawsuit went on trial in 2020, and Depp lost the appeal.

In December 2018, Depp victimized himself as a survivor of domestic abuse. Depp’s legal team filed evidence against Heard, and the court denied the case dismissal. Heard made a counter-attempt in August 2020 for the defamation case, which commenced in April 2022 in Virginia.

In addition, the jury favored Depp, and Amber had to pay $15 MIllion to Johnny in defamation damages. On the other hand, Heard was given $2 Million as a partial liability. Interestingly, Heard’s legal costs were recovered by an insurance policy which was a $1 Million settlement.

Charity And Divorce Settlement 

Amber promised to donate her settlement amount to the Children’s Hospital Of Los Angeles charity and the ACLU. In January 2021, Depp claimed Heard of lying about the donation promise. However, at this point, the legal team of Johnny Depp reached out to the two organizations and tried to detect whether Heard had helped them or not.

ACLU proved in the April 2022 testimony that they received $1.3 Million out of Heard’s pledge of $3.5 Million. On the other hand, Children’s Hospital reported receiving only $100,000 out of her $3.4 Million pledge. However, Amber made both of the vows a decade ago. 

Moreover, the testimony proved that out of $1.3 million, Heard provided only $350,000, $100,00 came from Depp, and $500,000 came from Musk, her former lover. As a result, Heard claimed to have financial issues as an excuse for both organizations.

Awards And Achievements

Dallas International Film Festival
Young Hollywood Awards
Hollywood Film Festival
Texas Film Hall of Fame
Teen Choice Awards
Scream Awards

Amber Heard’s Net Worth

Heard has made the highest-paid appearances in multiple films like Aquaman, Zombieland, Never Back Down, and Pineapple Express. Calculating her 50 +Acting and modeling appearances, Heard earned around $15 Million. Out of this, she is expected to pay approximately $1 to $3 Million in business expenditures, and the rest is to be consumed as 47% tax for residents in California.

Extracting an average of Amber Heard’s Net Worth, her career earnings are approximately $ 6 million. Moreover, $600,000 is the estimated amount she might earn from her investments and assets. Moreover, her endorsement partnership with Guess fragrances and Loreal is also making her $1 Million. There is a proximity that Heard is earning $1 million annually.

In a nutshell, Amber Heard is a global spokesperson for Loreal and a human rights activist as well. Her particular issues have covered her positive connotations, and the spotlight is on legal cases like that Of Johnny Depp. Consequently,  It is rumored that she has been in deep financial trouble lately.

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